Te nonāk viss, kam vairs nav vietas Helsas galvā


I used to have a dog that had a very peculiar nature. Her name was Santa and she was a “pepper&salt” mittelschnauzer. For most of her life Santa was the only dog of the family in her house and therefore she would always be in the centre of attention and loved by everyone. Santa was a very smart dog and she knew how to be loved and grab everyone’s attention. Then my grandfather finished building the house and we moved in and got few more dogs..we got Jolla a beautiful but truly fat and lazy Bernese Mountain dog and my godfather got his first Laika for hunting and called him Rob but Rob got eaten by our neighbours stupid Caucasian Mountain dog Laris.. So then my godfather got a new dog and called him Michelangelo. Michelangelo is a Samoyed and it quite ironic because in Russian “Samoyed” sounds like eating oneself also he is the only one of the dogs mentioned in story that’s still alive. Meanwhile someone had tied to our fence a beautiful Rottweiler that we fed for a couple of days and then took in as one of our owns as no one would come after it..we named him Jack. Suddenly Santa was no more the only dog of the family for there were 3 more of them..what’s even worse for her shock was that everyone seemed to like and love the puppies more than her. Santa befriended Laris and would often go and play with him..as she was always liked by everyone..she just had her own charm and she would continue to do so even after the death of Rob. Day by day Santa grew more and more jealous of the other 3 dogs of the family and would start to do all kinds of nasty things to them like eating all their food or spilling the water..she never had done things like these before and we could see that she’s not happy and even though we still loved Santa just the same she was no more the centre of everyones attention..well one day Santa came up with a new plan of being popular between the other dogs and she suddenly completely changed her attitude towards them. Now Santa would go and be sweet with every single one of them individually making sure that everyone is her best friend but as soon as she would have a chance she would try to cause a fight between other dogs simply by biting two of them in the ass while they are close to each other but not looking and running away as if minding her own business. The other dogs were fighting for months not actually understanding why because they had been friends before and now they did not know if they could trust each other at all and would hide their treats from one another. Santa was feeling amazing everyone was her friend and would share with her and she was again the centre of love and attention she truly thought she had out smarted everyone by making them think bad of each other and only good of her. Well what goes around comes around and one day while performing her usual bite trick she did not see that Jack saw her doing it to the little ones and went for her..as Jolla and Michelangelo understood what’s happening they went for Santa as well..and she got hurt not quite physically but more by the fact that now every time she tried to make dogs fight with each other they would just go after her instead..her plot had been unmasked so she had to stop as she no longer had the respect of other dogs even though she was the eldest and no longer was she the centre of love and attention by anyone. Other dogs did not fight with each other anymore at all and were starting to trust each other again and share their treats with each other. And the life went on till Santa got breast cancer and died..Jack went to swim in the lake and never returned and Jolla died of old age. Michalangelo is still alive even though he’s very old now and he’s living together with 3 other dogs – Husky named Nero, a Shih-tzu called Coco and a Wire Fox Terrier Zuze who’s got some mental issues because she will just freeze and shake for a couple of minutes once in a while but that’s because her previous owners were assholes. They are all cool with each other..Nero has claimed to be the strongest alpha dog of the pack and Michelangelo has calmed down. 
The lesson I learned from Santa was very simple yet very human – by trying to make other people think bad of your “friends” you are not making yourself look better in anyone’s eyes quite contrary indeed for even your friends at one point will think..if she’s saying bad about those who she calls friends she must be saying bad about me as well…what is the point of fighting over nothing if it is not us that are causing the arguments?! By belittling others the only person that gets belittle is oneself. The way to someone’s heart and respect is not through other people intestines it’s through doing good for each and every one of them and telling good things of the person and other people that surrounds them to them and others for if you can see good in others it must mean you are good but if all you see is shit there must be something wrong with you. Negative emotions only make space for more negativity yet positive ones help the world to get better. And that’s why I can thank Santa for never really going behind anyone’s back to talk shit about them but rather stay quiet and let their voice and actions speak for themselves.



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