Te nonāk viss, kam vairs nav vietas Helsas galvā

Once a chinchilla always a chinchilla

I always say my first business was chinchillas..what I really should say.. I learned so much from them. I’ve been pretty much raised by animals emotional wise. My dad taught me academic things when I was little and my mum..well I’ve always had to protect her from the real world for she’s a very sensitive women with the softest heart. Anyhow First came Pērle or Pearl the Great Great Dane that pushed my cradle if I cried and taught me how to be patient and selfless when needed. Then came Chinchillas.. I spent 6 years living with them studying them and spoiling them then I had to move to Luxembourg and I couldn’t take them with me but even now there’s not a single day when I don’t think of chinchillas. And it’s funny but I really have some chinchilla behaviour in me..I always take the same routes even if I know of shorter ones because I just like mine better. I do not like to be held tight but I do like the comfort of being close. I love to wonder around unfamiliar places but I need my own little room in a room ( it’s usually my bed under blankets but sometimes I hide under a table or in a wardrobe cause I’m weird rd like that haha) to hide from anything that could happen and I will most likely bring everything in it from shoes to food to books to toys and it will look really really messy but I’ll be happy. But that’s just the outer things.. Chinchillas are amazingly loving and understanding family creatures they support each other (Simba and Nata crying and holding the little Palaidnieks warm when he got scared and run into a corner of a bed and lost his both eyes, Baltimora mourning Orlandos death by not eating for 2 days and instead of the usual getting out of the cage to put the music on (she always jumped on the radio first) not even getting out of the cage) and will risk their own life for the sake of better (Simba running straight into hunting dogs mouth when seen his pregnant wife being chased by it) and once they accept you as a member of their family they let you understand their world better and will bring you in..just have to be patient and very observant. Whenever I was sad Simba would be the first one to come to me and just sit there on my chest till I got better then he’d go under the table and jump from side to side and do a little wall rider thing that always made me laugh. Nata was a real woman she had her good days and then days she’d be grumpy and just wouldn’t want to see anyone but she was a very caring mother. Punk the youngest and last of the family is a pure rebel fair enough I didn’t raise him like the others so he got a lot less of my attention but he’s just.. Not liking people all together or other chinchillas for that matter he’s always keeping himself distant from everyone. Well strangely enough he’s friends with my dog Delfa but then..you’d have to have a steel heart not to grow your love to her.
Delfa has taught me to look behind things. Some times she would be sitting on balcony just watching the river and I’d come and sit next to her. Yes I’d come and sit next to her and not the other way round and I’d tell her about my day and she would put her head on my knees and say nothing and want nothing. Other times she would demand to be under the blanket with me in my bed me having to stroke her for ages till she finally falls asleep or gets too hot to be in a bed. When Delfa was only a little puppy she would defend me from anything she thought was dangerous by running to my side and looking deadly serious one time she even barked at horses and Delfa doesn’t really bark much. It doesn’t matter how much you can do it matters how much you want to do for someone. Years have passed but she doesn’t forget..if my mum brings me up in a conversation Delfa will find something that’s mine and bring it to her..if Delfa hears me on the phone she will try to steal it. Best friends don’t care how long it’s been since you’ve talked with them..they never forget and will never make you feel awkward about not being in recent contacts they’ll just be happy you’re there with them. 
Prana my cat taught me that being completely independent doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help it means you decide to reach for something you want with every single resource available and if it takes to sometimes be quiet and swallow your pride you’ll do it for the bigger picture. She’s almost never at home hunting somewhere else but last year I came home and called her name and she ran to me like no cat would..she’s not running to my mum even though they live together. You don’t have to be dependent to love somebody truthfully. She doesn’t need me and doesn’t need me to need her but she loves me and I love her. 
Most lessons I’ve learned from animals so don’t blame me for not understanding people. People are fucked up. So am I.



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