Te nonāk viss, kam vairs nav vietas Helsas galvā

Memories remain

He was in a white room barely breathing
But you didn’t see it
He was telling all your loved ones not to smoke
As you lit another cigarette 
He was still alive
When you already threw flowers in the river
He was in the coffin beautiful and peaceful
You put it as your desktop wallpaper
He never came to say goodbye to you
And then you say “wait, I’ll call my grandfather, he will know!”
He past away on a Tuesday’s night
After a week you fucked in his car
After two weeks you almost died in it
Everyone was shocked as you laughed insanely
It was your best day of the month
You gave her your last black devil
You took her to Edinburgh
You changed her not for the better
You still miss her
She doesn’t
You made her walk with pain in her legs
You made her lie to all your teachers
You talked and talked but never listened
She still whines like a bitch when hears your voice
You punched him as a bag of sand
You made him do everything for you
You ridiculed him in front of his friends
You said his girlfriend is a bitch 
He takes time off for you and says I love you
You remember these things with horror
How could you be that person
And between your fingers you look in the mirror
Afraid to see if you’re still a person.



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