Te nonāk viss, kam vairs nav vietas Helsas galvā

Hey, it’s a nice bright sunny day outside and I’m sitting in my amazing flat, yesterday was quite a cool day, I got a gift package from Pakistan, thank you Shay, you’re awesome 🙂 and then I baked muffins and cupcakes ’cause I had to prove Lola my right. See the first day when I checked what’s in the kitchen I saw muffin plate and I was quite happy to see it so I said oh, cool, look, a muffin plate, I’ll bake muffins one day here 🙂 Lola looked at me and asked if I’m joking ’cause she didn’t think I could bake anything.. well she didn’t know I’ve been baking muffins many times before in Latvia. Anyhow it took me about month to get all the ingredients and willpower to get myself to baking.. but it ended up awesome and everybody loved my muffincakes 🙂

Also David made some salsa with tortillas and nachos and fish and black bean fillings for dinner ’cause he’d promised to make us Mexican dinner before he leaves for France to complete his book 🙂 That was super tasty. Then we drank some Corrona beers and smoked some water pipe 🙂 So in all and all it was a very relaxing and cool evening 🙂

Later on me and Lola went for a little walk through the city of Edinburgh, it was supposed to be a geocache tour but we didn’t find a single cache nevertheless it was a really nice hike and I was quite surprised Lola actually did come with me.

On 15th of May me and Lola.. we’re going to Tenerife, we don’t know where we’ll stay and where we’ll work but it’s better to be homeless in a warm country than a cold country. And also since Scottish summer is just rain and rain and rain.. I’m more than happy to go to Tenerife to get a real hot summer 🙂 I’m quite excited ’cause it’s gonna be like vacation and job at the same time.. and I’ll be able to learn Spanish and swim and maybe even try my luck in surfing 🙂



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