Te nonāk viss, kam vairs nav vietas Helsas galvā

Last night I didn’t sleep.. and so I’m up for about 18 hours already which is not a lot.. but lately I’ve not been an insomniac. My friend bouncer Rorie said that he’s a registered insomniac and the one thing that helps him to go to sleep is weed. Another friend Lexy told me that I should start smoking weed ’cause it would help my back pains fade away. Basically.. people here want me to smoke weed 😀 Also they want me to make love or erm.. at least sex with somebody..anybody really.. but I’m not doing any of these things..and I’m completely happy with it.

Two days ago my back was giving me such pain I actually fainted on the street.. well.. I’m not sure it counts as fainting ’cause I passed out only for few seconds and fell.. but erm.. that was pretty tense. Now I’m feeling a lot better. That was few hours after the Michael Jackson dance class I taught.. which by the way was awesome and my boss was really satisfied with me and how everything went 🙂 We had great fun and the girls loved it a lot. Gee I hope to get more hen parties soon.. I really enjoy getting money for having fun and talking to like 9 to 18 complete strangers 😀 People start to recognize me on the streets as well.. few weeks ago I went to McDonalds and there’s a guy who comes right over to me and says something along the lines “Hey, I saw you in El Barrio.. you’re an awesome dancer” and I’m like.. yeah.. I can’t really go to El Barrio, which is my favorite salsa bar in this city anymore ’cause everybody knows me there already. The boss of El Barrio should actually pay me for coming in by now 😀

Today I decided that there’s not really a good reason to waste the day for sleeping as I’ve been up till 9am so I went to the other side of Edinburgh and did some shopping ’cause I want to bake muffins.. I ended up spending a fortune on stuff like icing, vanilla extract, chocolate drops, cupcake cases and then of course the regular milk, butter, eggs, salt, sugar and stuff, but that’s ok.. I’ll be able to make loads of muffins and I bet I’ll ruin about 24 of them till I figure out how does the oven in here actually works.. well hopefully I won’t ruin any but.. it’s Helsa cooking so you never know. If this place goes down at least Lola is in Glasgow with her boyfriend and I’ll be dead so nobody apart from me is gonna get hurt and I won’t have to take the blame ’cause most probably I’ll be dead. 😀 Ross the Landlord won’t be happy though..and neither will be David to figure out he needs to go back to his wife ’cause some crazy Latvian chick just blew the apartment in pieces 😀 Anyway.. I bet buying already baked muffins in a store would be a lot cheaper.. but certainly not as much fun :p
Another thing I did today is.. I got my Black Devils and some tan in my favorite tanning salon which I bet is the cheapest one in whole Edinburgh.. but the ladies are nice and they let me stay as long as I want to. So it’s all cool 🙂 Now I don’t know if I should go to bed before baking or if I should just man up and bake before I go to sleep. Oh.. have to check on the laundry as well.. it’s actually pretty much the first time I’m doing my own laundry without anyone’s help on phone or otherwise and this is a different washing machine and a different kind of powder(? it’s not even a powder it’s like a little bag of green liquid..I don’t even know how to call it but Lola’s doing laundry with it) as well so I hope I didn’t screw everything up. Well.. we’ll see about that 😀 Even though I’m doing nothing extra ordinary for me it’s quite exciting ’cause it’s gonna be the first time I wash and bake in this country 🙂

Well.. that’s about it…my life’s not very exciting right now but I bet it’s about to change. I can feel it in my bones. 🙂



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