Te nonāk viss, kam vairs nav vietas Helsas galvā


Well.. today I’ll write a really short version of how I did my time in USA. I guess it’s better than writing nothing.. huh? 🙂 First I want to credit my super awesome friend Shay ’cause he was the one who gave me this opportunity to visit the 2nd most awesome country in the world. Yep.. Americans.. you can be proud of yourselves ’cause you’re truly amazing. 😉 I’d never been in a land with such a friendly citizens before 🙂 Everyone was so nice to me.. I felt loved. They didn’t care if I’m a citizen of US or just another invader. But let’s start everything from the beginning.. like every good story goes 🙂

One day half a year ago I was chatting with Shay. I told him I’ve to work extra and he asked would I get extra payment for such a thing.. I replied that in Latvia you never get extra money for extra work. It specially if your boss is a Polish bastard. I proceeded saying that when I’ll move to Canada I’ll probably get extra money for that and that I just can’t wait till that happens.. Shay said that maybe I should go to USA instead and invited me to go there with him. I thought that was a joke at first.. but in two days I got tickets in my pocket and was full of joy.. laughing and jumping around like 22/7 till April 😀 It was almost impossible to concentrate my attention to anything else but the upcoming US trip and I still had to do the years work.. so.. as you might know me.. I obviously didn’t do it myself but found someone who’d do it for me. 😀 And of course.. I had to get my VISA. But that was really easy ’cause Shay helped me and we filled the form together at my place when we took his cat Euklite to my house and played some bowling. Shay’s a pro bowler.. did you know that? :p I wish I was as good at any sport as he is at bowling.

So it was March 30 and I still could barely believe that I’m actually going.. my godfather took me to the airport ’cause I missed the bus. So I had loads and loads of time in the airport to find the right gates and everything. It was my first time I flied with Airbaltics airlines. And to be honest.. I wasn’t happy with their service at all. Even the Ryanair team is nicer and more helpful. The lady behind the desk had a grim face and the attitude towards me was rather revolting. So when Shay texted me how am I doing.. I told him this and he said that I shouldn’t worry.. that the further from Latvia I’ll go the nicer the attitude towards me will grow. So my happy mood was back on and I was shaking with joy and excitement on the plane. It was a beautiful sunny day as I was flying over the clouds I looked through the window and saw something I’d never seen before.. and let me remind you there was a time when Riga and Frankfurt Hahn airports where sort of like my other home so I rather doubt it was ’cause of the lack in flying experience. I saw a circular rainbow with a little shadow of the plane I was flying in in the center of it. It was marvelous! The rest of the trip was pretty boring.. and since I had broken my iPod I didn’t have any music or games to entertain myself with. At least it was a short one.. so it wasn’t too long.

The Amsterdam airport is damn huge! It was so big I wandered around for an hour.. even found a wifi spot to tweet about its enormous size. 😀 But I was lucky enough to find the next check in spot and since there was some problems with my passport.. I had to go to the check in lady so she could do the form for me and give me the boarding passes. When that was done.. I thought it might be a good idea to have something to eat since the next flight would be a rather long one. So I found McDonalds and remembered Madara telling me you can buy beer in every other McDonalds but Latvian.. so I got there to check if it was true. It is. I got a rather huge cheese burger and french fries with that. Then I wanted to smoke.. so I found a smoking area. But the doors were so tricky I almost gave up on that idea.. ’cause I didn’t know how to open them.. luckily for me.. another guy helped me and let me in. While I fed my cancer I helped another 2 people to get in.. so that made me feel a little bit less stupid. Then there was nothing else to do but to wander around.. and so I walked to my gates where the check in had already started even though it was really early. I was really lucky to be there on time ’cause.. those Amsterdam guards didn’t like me at all..  that was like the 2nd time in my life when guards have the full check on me ’cause they think I’m some sort on an terrorist or something. 😀 They asked a lot of questions about me, my visit to US and Shay. Then when I answered every question they sent me to their fucking basement!! Where I had to get undressed so they could scan me, answer more questions and show everything I have in my carry on bag. They wanted to open my phone in details but didn’t know how.. I wanted to help them.. but they didn’t let me. So it was all really awkward. Of course they found my GPS as well.. and asked for what reasons do I have to carry such a thing on my way.. I think that was the hardest question to answer so I don’t sound suspicious 😀 ‘Cause I couldn’t have said something like “well… ’cause I like to wander around and look for little boxes” I said..  ’cause it’s easy for me to get lost. 😀 Then they showed the way back up to my gates and scanned me again.. in a big glass machine ’cause maybe I am so sneaky I’d get some stuff back on me while walking side to side with their guard. After all they let me through and I was happy to finally get on that plane when I almost thought I wouldn’t. The plane was larger than my house 😀 I was lucky to be seated by the window again.. but this time there were no circular rainbows.. if there were I’d think that in that burger I ate in McDonalds were some shrooms. The seats were really comfortable and the pilots and stewardesses were really nice.. they gave me headphones so I could listen to music/ watch movies they showed on the screens. A man in his 40ties sat next to me and he was really kind as well. I tried to sleep ’cause I knew I’d like to party when I get to US but I couldn’t so I read my book and listened to music, watched a movie about birds – The Big Year. It was really cool! They gave me pizza for dinner, which was really good 🙂 With the food comes a game – sudoku! So when I finished my meal I was happy to do my sudoku faster than the man who sat next to me. When the plane landed he wished me all the best in US, said that I’d love this country that everyone will be really nice to me here and even looked up on his iPhone the present temperature in Celsium so I’d know what to prepare for in Denver when I said I’d like to go to snowboard in Colorado. The girl who was behind me wished me all the best as well. And there.. I was in Minneapolis. First I had to go through another control but this time it was really nice.. there was a girl with short hair and brown eyes sitting behind the desk. She asked me questions like – What happened to your passport (it has little holes all over the cover ’cause my dogs puppies found it one day)? Is this your first time in US? Are you visiting someone here? Your boyfriend or girlfriend? Then she said she hopes I’ll enjoy my time in US. So this was rather pleasant. After that I had to go through another X ray machine.. this time without my shoes on. And after that I was finally able to look at the big tabloids showing flights to see where should I head on to take my next flight Minneapolis – Denver. I wandered around the airport a bit.. then found my spot, watched TV (Fox News on School Bullying) and tried to charge my phone so I could send sms to Shay when I finally land in Denver. I received some rather nice sms’es from Rita and Madara who both were really drunk working at The Club r’n’b bar 😀 And then the plane came.. it had wifi in it and I think they gave us cookies.. but I’m not sure ’cause I fell asleep. I was happy that  I didn’t have to go through another X ray machine or anything when I landed in Denver.. just take your bag and go.. wherever you want to go.. try not to get lost though. The airport was soo huge they had a museum and an army jet in it as tourism objects. But it was also really simple so even though I had to take a train to get out of it.. it wasn’t bad. I loved the train too.. there are little pinwheels on the both sides of walls of the tunnel and when the train goes by they turn and by doing so they make energy the airport can later use for electricity and heating. Smart huh? 🙂 When I got out of the train.. I finally met Shay. I was so glad to see him. :)) And then we walked to his generic white Nissan he had rented for us and drove to the Courtyard hotel where I could finally put all my stuff down and take a little rest. On the way he showed me a creepy huge statue of blue horse with red shiny eyes.. and I saw a yellow cab that said yellow cab on it! I laughed like crazy. We’re having this inside joke about yellow cars being suspicious since once Shay took me to Jelgava and there were 3 yellow snow plows and we followed them and told each other nonsense about them. In the hotel Shay gave me almost exact zippo lighters as the ones I had shown him broken in Latvia and I was amazed by his awesome memory. He also gave me a bottle opener from Hawaii islands where he had spent some holiday time. It’s a little Tiki spirit that brings happiness. It looks a bit like a monster but still is very lovely. Then I asked him should I bring my passport with me as we walked to party a little bit at the local clubs.. he said I shouldn’t worry about it and so I left everything at the Hotel. While walking down the streets we met some really nice bums.. they were kind and didn’t smell bad. 😀 But unfortunately no one wanted to let me in the club ’cause they thought I’m too young and I didn’t have my papers to prove them wrong. So we walked back to the hotel, I took my documents and we had some beer and whisky at the nearest pub ’cause honestly I was a little bit too tired to walk that street down again. The place was really nice and they had really good local beer there. It’s an interesting fact – even though most movies show Budweiser as the one beer they drink in US, almost every pub actually has it’s own beer selection and distillery in the basement. After some drinks we got back to hotel and I could finally sleep in a huge bed and enjoy my rest. We shared the same room with Shay but each got a bed for 2 people with the softest pillows. The only problem with such beds – as I get to rest faster and in higher quality I do it faster and therefore I guess I was pretty annoying to Shay when I woke up every morning at about 7am.. ok later I got a little bit more used to the comfort and so I let myself to sleep longer. But at first.. yeah.. I guess it was a little bit painful to him as he was on his holidays. Who the hell wants to wake up at 7 am every morning on holiday? He survived it like a man though.. not a single bad word about me being annoying. 🙂 Such a great friend!
The next day we went down to the restaurant and had some breakfast. I asked for blueberry pancakes and I was really surprised when the man asked me would I like them with ham, sausages or bacon 😀 It wasn’t bad though.. as the pancakes were not that sweet they went well together with bacon. I chose bacon ’cause bacon! I learned that bacon is a really important thing in US.. and this fact proved me right several times. 🙂 So when a few days later I found this picture on net.. I laughed a lot.


After the breakfast we walked around the city to find some geocaches, then we got back to the hotel, took the car, had some coffee at Starbucks, wandered a bit around.. got some geocaches, I finally got a printed version of Onion news and bought some souvenirs for my family.. also as we were walking down the street I sensed a strong smell of weed coming from a man passing us.. so I asked Shay is it legal to smoke Marijuana in Colorado… he said that only the medical one 😀 I think that’s pretty cool 🙂 I bought a beer that looks like he’s had too many shrooms for my Goddaughter and laughed at the bad influence it might give to her future..  and  then we went to the next city which was near to the area we’d snowboard next day. As we put our stuff down at the hotel, we went to find some more geocaches in Silverthorne and Keystone. Our goal was to get a cache for every day I was in US so we’d set a new consecutive geocaching personal records. Most of the caches in Keystone were hidden the same way.. so after the first two it wasn’t really seeking but rather just signing them. Still good for statistics. Then we decided to eat so we had to choose between Dominoes pizza and Quizno’s sandwiches. I wanted to try some other sandwiches apart from Subways so we went for Quizno’s. Those were some really good sandwiches! Also I found my new favorite non alcoholic drink – SoBe there! It’s really tasty and has an interesting sayings underneath the caps. You never know what you’ll get… sort of like fortune cookies. Love it 🙂 While eating we decided we’d go for the movies that evening.. and so we decided to see the Hunger Games 🙂 The movie is really good, but it’s a bit off from the script but in a good way. The parts which would be too traumatizing to see were left out. 😀 Also while watching Hunger Games I tried my first crazy American drink.. just like the ones you can see on Glee.. an Icee! It’s basically a cold drink with a lot of smashed ice in it. Shay told me he wants to make one with pickles and vodka taste for Russians. I think that’s a pretty good idea 😀
Next day – we had a task – to find me a snowboard trousers since I didn’t have those. So Shay got me black snowboard trousers which are the best ones I’ve ever had.. and right now they’re sitting in the closet and waiting for the winter. And then we left for the Arapahoe Basin ’cause it was the day when the Beach Party starts there.. that means a lot of crazy people skiing and snowboarding almost naked or dressed up in a strange way.. like a banana or a Queen.. or well.. whatever one feels like. This year a lot of people were dressed old school-ish as you can see in the pictures. 5 years ago it looked like this but then I wasn’t there. Shay got me a trainer, her name’s Ali and she’s cute vegetarian living in Colorado for about 10 years, coming from the South, loves to travel but knows only English. She was all in bruises when I met her ’cause she had been hiking with her friend two days ago and lost in too deep snow. She showed me the basics and it was really cool.. also I trolled her a bit. After the first few rides down she said that for all costs we shouldn’t catch ourselves on our hands or we might get really hurt and then.. well.. if you’ve seen me you know that my right hand has a strange bump on it.. well I showed it to her and asked innocently.. “And if we do.. would something like this occur?” You should have seen her face 😀 She was so shocked.. the first question she asked me was “When did you get it? Where? Does it hurt?” And all I could do was laugh.. but then I calmed her down. She was still a little bit afraid of my hand when she decided that we should fool her boss with it as it was April 1st – the official Fools day 😀 When the teaching session was over I met Shay to talk to him and got a Bloody Bacon Mary. Which is a regular Bloody Mary but the vodka is infused by Bacon.. and as a stirrer there’s another strip of bacon.. and instead of a lime and a lemon you get a pickle and an olive 😀 It looks something like this –

While I was sipping on my Bloody Bacon Mary Shay went to seek for his sister Sharlee and when he found it we finally met. Shay’s got a really nice sister, she’s very attractive and outgoing. When I met her she was surrounded by 10 guys who all were her friends. So we left her with her friends and went to the hotel to take a shower and rest a little bit before we meet her again for dinner. I had a buffalo burger and chips, also some pale ale. The burger was so big I ate almost a half of it and took the rest of it back to hotel.. ’cause it was just too tasty to give away. After the dinner we were so tired we got back to the hotel, watched a bit TV and then I fell asleep.
April 2nd was the epic geocaching day! We found 27!! geocaches in one day while driving from Keystone to Colorado Springs through a lot of interesting little towns and sight seeing. We were in a town that looked exactly like South Park city from the cartoon. There were loads of beautiful sights, Shay showed me the place he’d love to build a house.. I think that place is spectacular! I think my favourite geocache was the Big Baldy ’cause of the sight. I’ve been having the picture of it as my desktop background since I came back.

Well.. this is a different picture but with the same bird.. and in this one he got me. 😀 As the woods were full of snow and sometimes it was up to knees.. as I was in my nearly dead converse shoes it was really fun to jump from one Shays foot print to another. But we still managed to get a lot of geocaches. The Placer Miner geocache was pretty hard to get ’cause of the trail up in the mountains.. but it was fun and challenging as it took about an hour for us to find it but we got it ’cause we’re good at hiking 🙂 The 2nd of April goes into the history with another fact – it was the day I saw tumbleweed. I even touched it! It made me happy for no reason. It’s just that.. when I was a kid I always thought about them when watching cartoons or movies.. how they cross the roads dry and lonely. I thought it would be with horns.. but it was actually pretty soft. As we walked the windy path towards the Boulders overlooking South Park we sang 7 little dwarfs song ’cause I said that if we sing we’ll have enough power and happiness to find this cache. Hi ho, hi ho it’s off to work we go! :)) And I even did a little dance once in a while.. to cheer us up 🙂 The path was so cold and windy I had to take a maximum care of my hat though ’cause the wind tried to get it more than once. Most of the geocaches were hidden in usual boxes but one geocacher surprised me with originality.. there was a geocache in a stump of tree and another one was camouflaged as a rock. I wrote that in the logs and he was so nice to answer me and to send me a letter of telling me where I should look for more of his geocaches.. Maybe I get some more next time I visit Colorado but that’s up to Shay I guess 🙂 As it got later and later the weather got worse and worse and then we saw a pickup truck swirling down the road and finally falling in a ditch. Shay stopped the car to see if everything’s ok with people inside the car. Everyone was fine.. there were some blood but no broken bones and no dead bodies.. so no worries.  But still we decided that it’s a good enough sign for us to stop geocaching and go to the hotel while we’re still ok ’cause it’s not really fun driving or geocaching when slushy is a permanent state on your windshield. We ordered a pizza for dinner.. watched Robot Chicken (I love Robot chicken.. it’s the best show ever) and then I fell asleep. I was always first to fall asleep 😀 Shay said I get tired easily ’cause I’m not used to the air pressure in Colorado.
April 3rd was a day with a bad weather as well.. so I talked Shay into visiting a museum 🙂 But before that we ate breakfasts at Starbucks and there I got this Apple Cinnamon wonder hot chocolate drink.. it tasted like Christmas but happier. It was a rodeo museum.. and we were the only customers there 😀 Maybe ’cause it was Tuesdays afternoon but maybe ’cause it was a museum. It was still pretty dazzling.. I bet my sister would love it (I took a magazine from it to her), there were a lot of saddles and costumes and history of really crazy people.. like the clowns who sat in the barrels for public entertainment. Later we visited New Mexico.. just ’cause we can 😀 As we drove to find the first geocache I put on this song –

well.. guess what’s the name of the cache? 😀 Yep, you’re probably right.. unless you’re Shay.. ’cause even though he says he sucks at guessing.. he’s got the most awesome ideas I’ve ever heard 😀 New Mexico didn’t look like Mexico from the movies at all.. but it was still pretty cool. On the way back we ate lunch at Sonic.. and that’s one place I hope I never get to visit again. The food tastes like plastic and the drinks taste like the liquid you use for washing dishes. I think I had Apple Fairy 😀 Then on the way back we passed Trinidad.. which is a famous place for people to change their sex.. when I showed my interest in that.. Shay seemed to be a little bit scared 😀 Don’t worry.. I like to be a woman 😉

April 4th was awesome! The weather was really good.. so we decided to visit the Colorado Zoo 🙂 Which is in mountains.. my favorite animals in the zoo were.. the retarded Giraffes 😀 They were licking metal sticks. And one of them looked really sick.. but they were funny. I liked the mountain lions too 🙂 Didn’t  like the birds ’cause they were awfully loud. Also I made a chipmunk friend there 🙂 And I bought a pretty cool T shirt for my brother as a names day present – four beetles crossing the zebra just like on The Beatles Abbey Road cover. Then we  found some geocaches on our way back to the hotel where we changed and took a taxi to go and play pool and drink beer at Phantom Canyon Brewery. Shay showed me how to play 9ball which is a bit easier game if you’re not that good at 8ball or the regular pool. I even won him once… ’cause I got lucky 🙂 Then we bought some cigarettes and went to McCabes. ‘Cause it was the Geeks Who Drink Night there! Our team consisted of rather awesome people and we named it Hole in Seven for One Goh ’cause the latest news at that night was about this guy who shot 7 people at a college in California.  As we played I feasted on a really tasty Turkey burger and scotch with apple juice. The Trivia game was really cool.. there were loads of different questions about history, religion, politics, TV shows, movies.. they know their stuff! While the big trivia game was going on there were also some fast questions you had to answer in order to get a free beer or a small junk souvenir. Also there was a question where you had to put the answer on the paper and put it in a big jar with every other player.. so.. a lottery question. And I won this one! I was in shock.. I got so many awesome things… like the awesome cards of awesomeness and funny anime glasses and inflatable brains. 😀 Also.. our team won the Trivia game!! :)) They had to wheelbarrow race for who gets the 2nd place ’cause 3 teams had the same score. After the game we waited for Drew (the Quizmaster) and he gave me a really cool glass as a gift 🙂 And then we went to the Rabbits hole.. which.. I think.. is the most awesome pub/restaurant I’ve ever been at. ‘Cause of the design and originality. Drew asked for a New York  Apple for me.. ’cause he wanted me to try something really good.. it’s a completely new brand of whiskey made from Apples in a really small Colorado’s distillery 🙂 I loved it! But when I looked for it in the shops.. I never found it 😦 Maybe next year 🙂 Then we decided to go to the next place – V-Bar. They played r’n’b music there and we stayed there till the last call hit us home. I tried Tuaca there. It’s an interesting drink.. not as good as whisky but it’s nice 🙂

April 5th.. was a tasty day! First I tried my first bagel.. which is sort of like a sandwich but better and tried Naked juice, which is popular ’cause of the name.. or at least Shay told me so. But it’s also very healthy and tasty. Then we took multiple geocaches on our way to Denver.. I visited Castle Rock which is a really interesting place ’cause the mountains look like tables.. I mean.. they don’t have peaks. they just go up and than are flat. 😀 They’re called Mesas which is an interesting fact ’cause Mesa means table in Spanish (Thanks Shay).. I’d seen some when we drove to New Mexico but then the weather was too bad.. so I was more stunned by them when I visited Castle Rock. We had lunch at Beni Hanas.. which is an awesome place if you want your food to be served at the coolest way ever!! Well.. if you’ve ever seen this episode of HIMYM where Barney does it.. I guess you know what I’m talking about..

And the food is so delicious you’re afraid to swallow your tongue. The best sushi ever!!!! It’s so good I don’t want to see any other Japanese restaurant. But then again.. I’ve had a cheeseburger after US and even though comparatively to the US burgers McDonalds in Latvia serves shit.. it was still pretty tasty 🙂 But still there’s a lot to sea and a lot to taste and a lot to remember and you better be starving when going to Beni Hanas ’cause otherwise.. you’ll just feel bad for yourself afterwards. It’s the most amazing restaurant in the world! Thank you, Japanese family! After the meal we had to rush ourselves to the city center ’cause I wanted to find some new converses before the hockey game.. and so I did. Got them in green, lower than usual but now they’re my favorites 🙂 We parked this not so white anymore generic car and took a yellow cab to the hockey arena. And then there was the legendary hockey game (as a game it was not as good as expected ’cause both teams had nothing to lose and almost nothing to gain so they were fighting a lot and playing a lot less than on any European style hockey arena it’s allowed) Colorado Avalanche versus Columbus Blue Jackets! I was all for Colorado Avalanche I even bought the Avalanche puck for my brother and a cap for my mothers husband. Sadly.. Colorado Avalanche fizzled. We got back to the city center with a strange bus who just offered us a place ’cause some other people were driving with it.. they were nice and talked about the game and commented on the radio man accent being funny. When we got to the city center we went for Hard Rock Cafe to have some dinner.. ’cause even though we were not that hungry after Beni Hanas.. I just had to visit Hard Rock Cafe for the first time of my life. I loved it! I instantly fell in love with it and I knew that from that moment I’d always try to visit as many Hard Rock Cafes as possible. Over the dinner we talked about how happy this trip has made me feel.. 🙂 Our waitress was from Castle Rock and he was a really good man. The music at the Hard Rock cafe is really something to feel not just listen. They give you a glass if you buy their special cocktails 🙂 And later at the Souvenir boutique Shay bought me a Teddy bear I named Hardy.. since then Hardy’s almost always with me 🙂 His true name is Sebastian, but don’t tell.. ’cause he doesn’t want anyone to know he’s a softy inside 😉 Sometimes we refer to him as Hardy the Hardly Skywalker but I’ll tell you about it later. Also I got the coolest design Hard Rock Cafe shirt I’ve ever seen.. usually those shirts are just white with a Hard Rock cafe emblem and the city underneath it.. but mine looks a bit like Ed Hardy style and has the motto – Love All Serve All on it as well as an awesome guitar, Hard rock cafe saying over it and Denver written in a cool “handwriting” underneath.. it’s a really really beautiful T shirt 🙂 And I got another beer glass with the logo and everything 🙂
It was a bit hard to find our car in Denver ’cause even though Shay has an awesome memory and mine works fine as well (you know.. it’s been 4 months since these events I’m writing about right now and I don’t think I’m missing out a lot.. if I do.. I ask Shay for help.. ’cause I’m not that good with names) this was just one of those black spots it’s impossible to remember.. so we wandered around and around till we finally found it 😀 Then we drove in the night back to the hotel in Colorado Springs.

April 6th.
As we were running out of time.. Shay said there are two places I should definitely visit – Pikes Peak and the Garden of Gods. As the weather was nice we decided to take fast meal at Fizolo’s then going to Pikes Peak, the weather up in the mountain was not as good so they didn’t let us to get on the top of it.. but it was still pretty good so we drove pretty high. I remember meeting the Big Foot there, haha 🙂 Also Shay told me about some crazy guys getting trucks and racing to the top of the mountain. The air at the Pikes Peak was rare.. well I don’t know how to explain it better by telling you that even on the souvenir shot glasses they sold there was written – got oxygen? 😀 Took some lunch up there..another SoBe.  Then we rolled down.. found a pretty cool geocache called Inukshuk. It was a little kind of human statue made out of stones and sticks. I like the idea of it.. later I made an Inukshuk in Latvia underneath the ground where there used to be an army base. I liked the mountain a lot.. there were like 5 completely different weathers and even the fauna and flora changed as we got more up/down. Then there was another geocache we had to hike a bit to find.. but it was easier to find it than to get back to the car ’cause we were lost.. again. And our white generic Nissan looked more like something rather camouflaged.. but what do the rental companies think really? To give a white car? That’s the exact thing to expect when you’re doing something as silly. Then when we got back down from the Pikes Peak.. we visited the Garden of the Gods!!
And that place is well.. amazing ’cause I’ve never seen such a massive garden of crazy shaped big sandstone rocks before and I don’t think I ever will unless I visit Garden of the Gods again. I like the name of the place.. ’cause it says Gods not God.. basically saying that every rock is a God in itself.. saying that there can be many Gods not just one.. 🙂 And this Garden is in USA.. remember that states are really religious. So it’s kind of punk, don’t you think? 🙂 Hardy got the Hardly Skywalker name her as he tried to walk on the air there.. and Shay tried to catch some photos of it.. but I can’t find any of them right now. So.. screw you.. more text and less photos 😀 If you want to see pictures.. you know how to find my fb account 🙂 Then we rolled our way back to the hotel, and after some rest took a cab to Zodiac. Zodiac is a small alternative pub. There was a funny little punk/goth band playing, I think it was the guitarists birthday.. most of the songs were about sad love. The lead singer was a girl and it actually looked like the guitarist was secretly in love with her but that she doesn’t care at all about him. The guitarist had emo hair and a pretty cool jacket with bones in it.. also as he was a really skinny type of guy and small in size too.. the guitar looked massive on him. 😀 After them there was another band – a little bit more like Rock’a Billy type music. A big punk dude played cello and I think that the singer was gay.. ’cause he had a rather strange guy dancing in front of him alone with a Rebel Riot jacket. I was drinking a lot of scotch that night.. and as we smoked cigarettes with Shay and Drew outside the zodiac a girl started to talk to me.. and Shay was amazed at how quickly did she open all her secrets to me 😀 Drew said that it’s a pleasure to see how a real bartender works 😀 Then at 2am – yeah.. another last call and so we went home while Shay and Drew tried to convince me to stay in Colorado Springs longer. And I really wished I could but I had to be home to hand in that damn years project which was still in progress somewhere out of my sight. When I got to sleep I feared I’d have hangovers the next morning.. but I did not 🙂

April 7.. the last day.
I packed my bag and we put it in the car, then we decided to find some last geocaches before I have to leave this really cool country.. and damn.. even now.. telling this story.. this part of it makes me sad. Leaving US was really hard for me. I didn’t want to get back to the reality of school and family business. The fist geocache was in the North Pole.. well.. ok.. another photo since I wouldn’t believe it myself if I weren’t there..

So yeah.. there you go.. a completely different North Pole, huh? One without snow.. Maybe it’s Santas summer residence.. who knows? 🙂 All I know is that.. I found a Christmas geocache there next to a really small Christmas tree. Then we drove through Castle rock where I bought some last souvenirs/ gifts for my family and a Lewis jacket and two Lewis jeans for myself. The quality matters! And the price was unbelievably low. Then back on the road.. found another quick geocache near to the shop, a little snack in Starbucks and off to the airport. As we drove I joked with Shay that if they say I have to get rid of my drink ’cause I was holding 2l Ballantines bottle in luggage.. I’d say bring me some apple juice and let’s have a party here! but they didn’t really check my luggage in US I guess.. t.. all I asked was should I worry about the luggage in Paris or will it go directly to Riga, as they said it would go to Riga I was happy enough. First stop was St. Lake city.. there I bought some souvenirs and a new Stephen Kings book – Just After Sunset which is a really good selection of his short stories. Then in Paris I got lost again.. I don’t like European airports.. but I managed to find my gate after all and so I got home. At the control the guard asked me where am I coming from.. I said Paris and so they didn’t check my luggage. Ha! That’s how you get your alcohol in Europe without paying stupid taxes 😛 Oh well.. I guess that’s it. I’m sorry but right now I’m really too tired to read it over and add some details like.. how I bought that bottle  of Ballantines and a new iPod and how I ate too much nachos in a Mexican restaurant or what did I think of the American Pie movie. I’ll try to do it later.. now my eyes are shutting themselves. Remember.. this was the short version. 😀



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