Te nonāk viss, kam vairs nav vietas Helsas galvā


So tonight I tried to blow fire for the first time in my life.. with corn starch. It’s not that hard to blow a little fire.. to blow a big one.. well.. I’ll have to figure it out somehow. Right now I’m watching In Bruges.. maybe after the movie ends I’ll go outside to blow some more fire.

Here.. a video of me blowing fire.

Few things that were quite amusing for me

1) the fire wasn’t hot. I didn’t even have to fear it.. I blew it like it’s an interesting case of bubbles. 😀
2) I think that.. the slower you blow the more fire you get. I’m not sure though.
3) Afterwards my mouth was full of starch so I had to clean it with water every time I blew fire.

I hope I didn’t inhale any starch ’cause it can cause severe lung damage. But it’s the safest ways of blowing fire anyway.. you can swallow starch without getting poisoned.

While I did this.. a man was walking his camel just by my house.. so it was full circus in town 😀



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