Te nonāk viss, kam vairs nav vietas Helsas galvā

June 28th – July 16th. The long post.

In a way I’m sorry I don’t have enough strength to write this blog more regularly.. then again.. heck, there’s nothing to feel sorry about when my life’s so busy and awesome that I barely have enough time to sleep not to mention blogging about it. It’s summer! I think I’ll have more time in autumn.. then again..who knows? Right now it looks like September is going to be a pretty busy month as well.  Now I’m going to write shortly about a period of about 2 weeks maybe more..  my memory does not understand the concept of time.

Ok, so I consulted with my calendar.. let’s start with June 28th.
It was the first Thursday I had to work at The Club ’cause our boss thought it would be a good idea. Which it was not. I got a call from Sweden saying that they’ll need my help with the puppies.. so I was kind of excited about the following trip to Sweden. There was absolutely nothing to do at The Club so we juggled with balls, played a little soccer, drank Tequila shots with Rita and by the end of the night I ended up in Leningrad which is a pretty awesome place for alternative people. Rita came with me and she didn’t like that place ’cause there was some terribly drunk couple sleeping in one of the couches and ’cause the public seemed to not understand her style. Well.. sadly as it is most of the alternative thinking and dressing people do not support regular or even chick persons. I think it’s ’cause they’ve been hurt by these “cool people” so many times in the school or other social events that it is quite hard for them to accept “cool people” in their “safe spots” of alternative pubs and other gatherings. Not everyone is as forgiving and open minded as should be. Anyway Rita left that place like about 10 minutes after to take a cab and drive home while I sat there and talked with about 4 different guys about pretty much everything that came upon our minds till I had to catch my home bus.

June 29th. Friday.
A pretty much regular night at the Club but with loads of really awesome people coming over and cheering me up! Madara came with her friend Jūlija and flashed me by almost taking their shirts off. Then Mojo asked if it was the first time girls did something like this and I answered that I’ve been flashed by more girls. Well.. it was partly true. I’ve been flashed by more girls but not in The Club. You see.. I’ve got these pretty cool girl friends Alīna Even Anze and Endija and we’ve been flashing trams in the middle of the night near Statoil station. ‘Cause life is short and we were young. It was a pretty awesome night indeed.

June 30. Saturday.
I worked together with Valeria, the other waitress I once picked out of the crowd. She’s pretty cool! Not as awesome as Rita.. but it’s really hard to compete, isn’t it?! I was keeping myself sober, but Valeria got awfully drunk and when she had to count all the soft drinks and cigarettes she made loads of mistakes. I had pretty bad stomach ache and a huge case of laziness so I decided to count the alcohol on Monday.

July 1st. Sunday.
I woke up at about 5pm and did absolutely nothing. Okay.. I made some smoothies, watched Spider Man movie and talked with my awesome friend Shay. That’s about it.

July 2nd. Monday.
I woke up just in time for my buss to Rīga, counted all the alcohol, re-counted all the soft drinks and other products since I didn’t trust Valeria on Sunday morning. I’m glad I did so ’cause there were some mistakes. Then le wild idea appeared. You see.. when I’m counting the alcohol I use a glass to hold my funnel.. and the glass gets pretty much a drop for every bottle I count.. so I added some coke to these leftovers and was happily boozing on that. Thinking that if I die ’cause of this.. it might as well be the funniest death ever yet considering that I must not be the first bartender who does something like that. Also I had a cigarette that tasted like weed so I was pretty curious to ask my boss whether or not he’s ever been smoking Marijuana. Sadly I did not ’cause there was the owner of The Club right next to him. After that I called Elza to ask whether or not she’s working.. she were so I decided to do something fun on my own.. took a bus to Gemoss and bought me some delightful things like a new shiny red shaker, a big bottle of Grenadine syrup, a new wooden masher, a bottle of Worcester sauce and a pack of straws. Got home and made a really tasty virgin smoothie in Barbie pink colour out of bananas, grenadine and milk.

July 3rd. Tuesday.
Did another smoothie for breakfast, this time adding Strawberries to the previous recipe. Printed out the ferry tickets. Packed my bag and drove down to the port. Met my mother and Apollons, the Great Dane puppy we had to transfer to the new owner. Registered and blah blah blah.. you know how it all goes. If you wonder.. there are special cabins for people traveling with animals on board. The animals are not allowed to leave the rooms though. So this is how Apollons slept during his 17 hours on the boat.

Sleeping like a boss

He was acting like a proper Great Dane and was calm and cheerful for all the trip. He didn’t mind the small sofa for his sleep either. I was getting bored so I wandered around the ship, bought me some beers and a pack of Cards. Those are pretty awesome cards for every card has a different cocktail recipe on it. 17 hours on a ferry! I didn’t know it would be so long.. you know.. it takes only about 8 hours to fly to Minneapolis from Amsterdam.. Oh well.. ferries are slow.

July 4th. Wednesday.
I woke up it was 7, I waited ’til 11, to figure out that no one would call sang Pierre Bouvier the Simple Plan singer.. and I could basically do the same on Wednesdays morning. ‘Cause it’s all true except that I had loads of text messages coming in from Lars. We left the ferry, Apolons finally had the chance to go to the toilet, which he most happily used. Then we met Lars, who’s the new owner of the dog, did all the paper gangsta money transfer work. I said my last goodbyes to Apolons, hugged him and left for the city center. The first thing I had to do was.. to buy a buss ticket so I could get back to the harbor on time. The first thing I actually did.. I bought a pair of jeans. I love to buy jeans.. I buy them everywhere I go. 😀 Then I visited some tourist shops to find a new shot glass for my shot glass collection which basically consists of 3 different shot glasses – one from Colorado with a bear in it, one from Spain (Madaras gift!) and now.. one from Sweden. I started to collect these glasses only about two months ago so fcuk you. I’m going to make this collection huge. lol. Also at the souvenir shop a kind Swedish man gave me a map. And the first thing I noticed on the map was.. that there’s Hard Rock Cafe in Stockholm!!! Then I went for seven eleven ’cause I thought it should be a perfect place to buy a friggin bus ticket.. but it was not so. Found one of those tourist guides in green uniforms and asked where the hell can I get a bus ticket.. they told me to go down to the train station. Luckily enough there really was tickets there.. but geez.. public transport is pretty expensive in Stockholm. I paid 70 SEK for 1 ride.. alright, so whatever. Then I got into some of the most awesome alternative clothing shops I’ve ever seen.. but I kept in mind that there’s one thing I need to visit at all costs.. the Hard Rock Cafe!! ‘Cause I thought Shay have not been there yet (and later on, when sitting in the Hard Rock Cafe and sipping on my Hurricane cocktail, I proved it to be right while chatting with him in fb via wifi). So I got a quick little geocache near the Castle and then ran for the Hard Rock Cafe! It wasn’t hard to find it since I had a map with me.. but it’s certainly not in the center of the city. The cocktail cost me about 20 LVL, but it was tasty and I got to keep the glass. So I’m happy about it! Also I talked a bit with the cute guys at the Hard Rock Cafe souvenir boutique.. asked about their Teddy Bears and shared the experience of so far visited Hard Rock Cafes. The one in Denver is slightly bigger than the one in Stockholm.. even though at first it seemed to be otherwise. It’s a nice place! After the cocktail I had just enough time to take another geocache and run back to the city center where I bought some strawberries, cherries and bananas from a guy who spoke a little bit of Russian hopped on a bus and got back to the port. In about 20 minutes I was taking a nap on the ferry. The only difference between a regular room on the ferry and a room that’s for people traveling with pets is that.. the one for pets does not have a carpet for rather logical reasons I bet. Later I bought some lottery tickets just for fun.. and won a bar of chocolate. meh. Bought 24 cans of beer, a bottle of Absolut Grapevine and Angry Birds Paradise soft drink. So I found out that it’s an awesome cocktail if you mix Absolut Grapevine together with Angry Birds Paradise soft drink.. it specially if you do so in the Hurricane glass.. 😛 Also I taught my mother how to drink beer since she hated the taste of it since childhood. My mom’s a real softy for sweets, she won’t eat anything that’s even a bit bitter, not even the black chocolate. But if you take a can of beer mix it together with Sprite and Grenadine.. it turns out.. she’ll love it 🙂

July 5th. Thursday.
Woke up, packed my bag, helped my mother with hers, called my dentist to say that I won’t make it on time for the appointment so scheduled it for the next week. Called Rita to ask what did she want from me, told her that yes, indeed, we do have to work tonight. Called my brother to come pick us up at the port ’cause I’m not going to go down the street with a huge pack of beer in one hand and a big bag of other stuff in the other one. Then got off the ferry.. which was pretty fun ’cause there I met this couple of really drunk Russians who ran around the ferry barely clothed and saying things like xcuse me miscuzi.. and that’s the exact way I found them yesterday when the ferry was leaving Stockholm. Then there were loads of other guys who were musing over me ’cause normally it’s a guy who leaves the ferry with a pack of beer. Saying things like “whoa.. that’s something! I’d marry her!”  But there I was.. 24 cans of beer in my right hand, Hard Rock Cafe souvenir bag in my left hand, cheerful and smiling as always, being me. So I met my brother who was quite happy for the beer and then we got home. I took a long and refreshing shower.. then I had to go to work. While chilling at the Club, Madara called me and asked whether or not would I like her to buy a bottle of Ballantines. To be honest.. I was pleasantly surprised! I didn’t even know she’d work on Thursday. But of course I said that it would be really awesome if she did! And so in about 15 minutes there she was all shining with joy, a little frustrated for the work, and with a bottle of Ballantines in her hands. She told our boss about it.. so we had to drink it all before the work.. and all of our co workers helped us to do so 😀 The rest of the night I was playing cards with Rita, our bar guard and later with some clients as well.. chilling. ‘Cause there’s no work on Thursdays. At about 3am the bar was closed and while Rita couldn’t decide what would she want to do.. Madara told me that she was ravenous, so we went to LuLu pizza to get some food for her, I bought a slice for myself but it was too big, so I’m really glad that Mojo helped me with it later on. As the Cocktails Studio was closed we went to my favorite alternative place.. Leningrad! 😀 Before entering the bar Mojo met her old classmate, who’s a regular alternative dude, so they chatted a bit while Madara finished my pizza. The funny thing is.. Mojo is even more on the “cool chick side” than Rita.. and as she herself acknowledged she was really lucky to be in sport shoes rather than her regular high heels. So we sat by the counter and I said that I’d buy a drink for her.. she said she’d buy the next round and as soon as I ordered 2 shots of Jagermeister.. she did the same thing. So we sat there like two crazy girls with 4 shots of Jagermeister.. and I must say that those are not the small shot glasses we have at The Club. Leningrad serves shots Russian style.. at least 60ml each. I think I spilled at least half of the first shot on myself, lol. ‘Cause it was too big. Then.. Mojo had the bright idea to use straws! And there were only PINK straws. So I protested a little bit by saying that you can’t do that.. I even consulted with one of the guys I had met there last week and he said that it’s possible so you can do that. Thank you very much, Gints or Ģirts or whatever your name is. Yeah.. but after all it wasn’t that bad. Then Mojo had another bright idea.. she wanted to buy a cocktail.. so with all her awesomeness she asked the bartender if he could make a Caipirinja for her. And with all his rudeness bartender who’s name is Raimonds if I remember correctly said that.. Leningrad is not a place for cocktails and that if she wants a cocktail.. there’s a cocktail bar just around the corner. Then I asked for 2 Famous Grouse whiskys with Apple juice and the bartender was alright with it. Later while drinking our scotch and talking outside.. Raimonds and his friend came outside with some rather strange costumes on.. Madara took some pictures while I rolled on the ground together with those crazy guys, she also took a video.. but it’s so terrible I’m actually ashamed to show it here. Still if you really, really want to see it, ask me. I might just show it to you 😀 If I’ll be lucky enough to get the photos of that night, I’ll post one here. Oh, and I broke the bartenders lip by hitting him while rolling around the ground with them. 😀 Then we took another set of Apple Scotch and talked a bit with some dudes.. and that’s when the party was over and we had to go home. I was so drunk I didn’t even check my facebook account when I got home.

July 6th. Friday.
Rita took a bottle of Ballantines to The Club. I don’t know why.. but she just did. And so we drank it and partied.. all night long 🙂 It was pretty much another regular night at Club, no fireworks or anything like that. I was a bit tired from partying since well.. you know the story.. But it was fun! I liked it! Madara came with a pink shirt. At least it looked pink. Then she took another shirt and that was ugly, but she had to work in it ’cause Juris said so or something. 😀

July 7th. Saturtday.
I worked with Valeria and we partied, I even kept myself sober.. till the very morning when The Club celebrated its 2nd Birthday! Guess what did I drink again? ‘Course! Ballantines.. this time with Coke though. So here it is.. the big family photo of the Club.
Me and Marianna are the only two bartenders in the Club who’re actually working there since the very first day. So it was our day even more than the rest of theirs.. but our boss is Polish so it means.. no presents for us. 😀

July 8th. Sunday.
I overslept the party I had to attend in Cena, so I ringed up Inese and told her that I’d visit her another day. Then I chilled around my home. Watching movies and playing games with my brother.

July 9th. Monday.
Yeah.. the counting day! I think I walked through a ghost while getting down to my bar but otherwise everything was alright. Also I met my new co worker.. a blond barmaid. I don’t know much about her yet though.. haven’t had enough of time to talk to her. Actually.. I don’t even really want to. I don’t like her face. I’m sorry but it’s like that.. I have a really strong sense for people and she just is not my kind of a person. Then afterwards I had two options – to go to Madona and meet my dad or to go to Vecumnieki and attack Ridley by surprise. I chose to visit Ridley aka Sindija aka DiiDii aka my former chef. 😀 So I did that. It was pretty cool. My first time in Vecumnieki and all. 🙂

July 10. Tuesday.
I don’t remember that day. I think I did nothing or maybe I did something I can’t remember ’cause it’s bad. Maybe I murdered someone. Oh well.. oh no.. hey.. I do remember it after all! I was at the dentist! No wonder it was so hard to remember it. I have a really short memory for things I do not like.. but this one has a pretty fun story to tell. So.. as you may or may not know.. I’m terribly afraid of dentists. I rather live with a graveyard in my mouth than visit one of those guys. But I had to ’cause it felt like zombies in my mouth might want to start to plot a revenge. So I did.. this was my first time there ’cause usually I go to one really old dentist who knows me for ages and understand my fear. As I come in the info room, say my name and my time of appointment the girl asks me.. and what’s the name of your doctor? I stand there like a moron ’cause I don’t know the answer till she allows me to make myself comfy on the sofa and wait. So I sit and I wait.. about 20 minutes or so. While doing so I get more and more afraid… I see there’s a blond woman in her 40ties walking around with a face you could easily mistake for a USSR sculpture ’cause it’s that cold.. and a huge.. and when I say huge I mean enormous needle in her hand. That makes me shrink.. I feel like I’m a vampire who’s just about to have it’s fangs taken away. The other thing that scares me is.. everyone is talking in Russian. Then comes another doctor.. who’s apparently bored and asks who am I. Then in about 2 minutes I finally get to sit in the dentist chair with an old lady scrutinizing my teeth.. I think she needs better glasses for she says that there’s nothing really bad with them, then I get an X-ray picture of some teeth, then the lady says that she won’t give me any sedatives ’cause she’s going to work with the dead material anyway. So no big needles for me, yeah! 🙂 The old lady speaks funny Latvian, but I don’t mind.. she drills my teeth away until.. it falls out. Then she stares at me for about one heavy minute.. and then she runs away. So I stay there with my mouth open thinking.. hell.. I’ve scared the dentist away. Now she’s probably leaving the work. After about 5 minutes she comes back after all.. and says to me that another dentist who’s more into reconstruction of the teeth will take me over but that I’ll have to wait for about an hour to get it. I don’t mind.. I take out my book, my music and sit happily. Then came the other dentist and fixed me all up. Superb!

July 11. Wednesday.
My brother woke me up ’cause he was playing Novuss downstairs.. so I decided to join him. While playing the game, I called Inese to confirm that she’s got a free evening so I can visit her later. Also I called up my dad to ask when he’d be happy to see me. In about two hours my I was sitting in a train  with Martini Asti and some gifts in my bag for Inese, to meet her and Ļena. Then I met those ladies and we proceeded to meet Valērijs. He was listening to some fun Russian verses of Lady Gaga songs in his car.  And so we stopped by a shop to buy some more sparkling wine and beer. Then back to Ineses place where we met Jānis, Māris, Ivars, Intars, Estere and later on Marta, who’s got a really good singing voice. Celebrating the Birthday in country style – drinking sparkling wine and eating grilled meat. Marta sang for us. Ivars and Intars made a huge bonfire out of old tires when it was getting dark outside. It was a good night. Madara texted me to ask what was I doing.. so I told her that I was partying with my friends but we could go to the Old Riga if she wanted ’cause at that time I thought that I don’t really have a place to stay in Cena. She couldn’t go outside herself so we decided to see each other on Thursday. And when I said that I should leave for the last train to Riga to get home I suddenly had 3 different homes I could stay at for the night. I stayed with Ļena. We talked till about 2 am in the morning, then I got to sleep.. my mobile phone and my iPod was out of charge so I don’t know the exact time when I woke up. But when I did it was all bright outside and I thought that it would be soon till Ļena wakes me up for she has to go to work. So I took my book and read it for what it felt like hours.. then I was afraid that Ļena forgot about me and drove away without me in the morning, also I felt really thirsty, so I went to the kitchen.. it took me about 10 minutes to find a cup for water. 😀 Then I checked the clock and it was 5.57 am.. Ļena would wake up only in an hour.. so I went back to the room I was allowed to stay and read my book again. When she finally woke up I was already thinking of going back to sleep.. but also I had a story to tell her! 😀

July 12. Thursday.
So Inese came in and we drove to Tīraine, where I took a train to get home. There I was happy to take a shower and change my clothes. Also I met Rita and Edijs. Rita said that I’m a bad girl for not being at home when she’s coming to visit me and then she had to drive away. 😀 I argued with myself for about good 4 minutes on which jeans to wear or what kind of cosmetic should I put on. And on a normal day I don’t use cosmetics at all.. but this was a day I had to meet my father. And my father is really important to me. He’s one of those persons I can trust. He’ll never be too happy about me either. Even if I get a million dollar worth house right next to a beach or an apartment with a view over Manhattan he’ll be like.. “and that’s it?! you should try more to impress me!”. I love him. but I also fear him. So yeah.. then I took a bus back to Rīga.. and met my father, he took some pictures of me and my brother and then we walked around the city, met his new wife, and decided to eat pizza in Chili pizzeria. I had only an hour till I had to meet Madara ’cause she had only about 2 hours till she had to go to work. So I drank a glass of orange juice and excused myself. An hour with my father is really a lot. A lot of stress. Also a lot of joy. He’s a strong personality. I wish one day I’ll be just like him but in my own way. So then I met Madara who was completely starving ’cause she thought she’s fat or something. She’s nowhere near fat! Trust me. I’m not saying this ’cause I’m her friend.. I’m saying this ’cause it’s true. And starving then stuffing oneself with food does not make you thinner.. actually it does the exact opposite thing. We went to the white Cocos where I had some excellent shrimp with sweet chili sauce while she ate her salads.. and finished my shrimps ’cause.. I was already stuffed. I’m eating like chicken, at least that’s what my mother, my brother and my granny always say. 😀 I had a Flying Kangaroo cocktail which was.. oh this is going to be interesting to remember.. let’s see if I get all the ingredients right.. havana rum, galliano, absolut, cream, coconut syrup and pineapple juice. To check if the recipe is right.. visit White Cocos 😀 Madara took Flamingo which was a cocktail in a Martini glass, quite strong with a orange-pink color. I think there was white rum in it.. but I didn’t check the recipe, I’m sorry. Anyway.. after Flamingo she took one of those Flying Kangaroos.. which are really excellent by taste 🙂 The we proceeded to Cocktails Studio and had had our favorite drinks there till the time was up. The taxi driver was funny.. he talked a lot of non sense about some kind of thing you put on a bread and put in Sun. I think he wanted to kill us. 😀 Later that evening I called Rita to ask whether or not will she visit me, so she came over to my place and we played a bit of Novuss.

July 13. Friday.
I played loads of Novuss with Rita, Jānis, Daniela and Agnese, then I got to work. I worked with Valeria.. but she felt really bad. All night I texted with Madara and drank with a really thin skin and bones Russian girl Ania.. so I got drunk on Long Island Ice Teas and was a cheery bartender. Danced all night long.. happily. Karīna came in and so we chatted a little bit. I managed to get her to get a discount card for Kiwi, The Club and Jautrā Lapsa. But I’ll have to wait for about two months to get it. In the morning there was a guy who had waited for me the whole night so we could talk.. but I didn’t have time for talking to strangers so I ran for the bus.

July 14. Saturtday.
Valeria brought me her awesome mascara as a present. I don’t know why.. but I still think it’s kind of a nice gift 🙂 Then we talked and laughed a bit about everything.. I even showed what I can do with my legs and she was quite surprised.. said I was yoga. 😀 Also we found a common childhood secret 😀 Then came this girl I had a crush on about 4 months ago.. and she looked really interested in me.. so there was really only one thing spinning in my head “what the hell is going on?” while we danced with a bar counter separating us. There are only few people for whom I’m going to get on the other side of the bar counter while working. I think we danced for about half an hour. Then finally came some of her friends and took her away. The rest of the night was quite calm.. in the morning came Mark and suggested that I drink some shots with him and the girls from Kiwi bar. So we did. And then the night was over and I had to go home again. Oh and since the bar was closed and there was something like 10 percent change that someone would come inside.. as I felt like changing my T shirt I looked at the camera said something along the line “Have a happy striptease Juris (boss)” and changed the shirt in the bar.. and as I was out of my shirt Juris came down the stairs and said.. “whoa.. Helsa.. what are you doing? Striptease??” and I was like.. yeah.. the live show 😀 And got the other shirt on.

July 15. Sunday.
Today I did absolutely nothing. And I’m absolutely happy about it. Oh.. alright.. I played Novuss and invented a new cocktail for myself. It’s Gin, Squeezed Lemon Juice, Tonic, Creme de Cassis and Angostura Bitter. It’s in light pink color and tastes marvelous!  Watched Alexander the Great. And got to know that I’m flying to Crete on July 29, if fortunate. :))) Tomorrow I’m going to count the alcohol again and see Madara 🙂



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