Te nonāk viss, kam vairs nav vietas Helsas galvā


I think I’ve finally decided on something truly big and important.. I might regret this decision but then again.. I think I can do it.

I’ll say no, I’ll completely decline my families last will so.. forget about those houses, forget about cars, forget about money.. I won’t take any of it from them. And I do understand that this seems to make no sense, but hey.. I’ve got my pride and my ambitions, I’m a woman, so I’m not required to think logically. I’m brave enough to make this promise – I will start from a complete zero and prove to all my damned family that I can earn and I can gain so much more than they have ever had. I’ll show them how special I am. And then.. then I’ll buy all of the things they have ever had or wanted. And you know what.. I’ll probably give them back those things.. as a gift. Just for fun.

Another thing.. I need to stop drinking. I know it will be really hard for me to live with my mind when it’s not poisoned with the sweet alcohol. But it would be good for me to stay on the “clean side” if just for a month or two.


5 responses

  1. Sour_Apple_Pie

    There is only one thing in my life to promise – one day I gonna die. It cannot be changed.
    all other things.. you never know what’s gonna happen with your life in near future, maybe you are forced to broke your promise.

    I will not take this post seriously, giving you a chance to reconsider your promise.

    Keep this thing in mind for some certain time (let’s say month). I believe that in this period of time you will be go through different emotions, situations and thoughts. and if answer still is :”yes, I decline all those family things” being sad, happy, drunk, sober etc., you have made right choise for yaself.

    jūlijs 8, 2012 plkst. 15:39

  2. Sour_Apple_Pie

    why are you using alcohol?

    jūlijs 8, 2012 plkst. 15:40

  3. I might want to talk to you about these things in person.. to take in notice more of your suggestions and knowledge. ‘Cause I have not explained myself carefully enough on this post. But there are loads of things to consider and when it all comes down to the rough bottom it’s about the twisted game between properties and happiness.
    About alcohol.. it’s been just this crazy week overstuffed with different events.. it’s already 7th day when I’m drinking and I’ m tired of it.. I guess that’s why there’s this comment about alcohol. I drink ’cause I like to experience the different tastes of it.. you know there are those people who like to try as many different dishes possible, they even write blogs about food? Well I’m sort of the same way but with cocktails. Other reason – I drink with my friends when I’m partying with them. I am not drinking it to get drunk or ’cause it makes me happy.. I’ve never even had hangovers, so it’s not like I’m an alcoholic or something.

    jūlijs 8, 2012 plkst. 16:18

  4. Sour_Apple_Pie

    Agreed, this is not a topic, that should be talked over in public blog.

    I assume that you have tasted Ballentines more than one time 😉 there is bounds beween you and alcohol. I know what means hanging out with friends. And ofcourse I have done that while I’m bit drunk. not worth it. believe me.
    It’s kinda interesting to meet friend who is atleast bit drunk – he is wide open for exploring. But that is fun for only one time 😉

    Are not you afraid that alcohol is going to take over you? I havefeeling that under this innocent drinking is hiding something more. If I’m true, better deal with it. I’m not talking trash, I’m sharing my experience with you.

    jūlijs 8, 2012 plkst. 18:00

  5. I assure you that I know where the line is. 😉
    Also I think that in the very entry of this blog I said I’d take a rest, so why would you teach me things I already know?!
    I guess that’s just your human nature 😉 Anyhow.. thanks for pointing those flaws out!

    jūlijs 8, 2012 plkst. 18:51


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