Te nonāk viss, kam vairs nav vietas Helsas galvā

I’m so in love with my life 🙂

On Thursday I said that I need money.. and 3 things happened that very evening

1) An awesome anonymous person cheered me up by “printing me a million dollars”
2) I found some money on the floor
3) I got a call from Sweden saying they need my help in their breeding business, they’ve already paid for tickets and everything.. so I’m going!

Sometimes all you need to do is ask something from the depths of your heart and well.. it just might happen 🙂 In the mean time.. don’t forget to do good deeds to others and make people smile 🙂

Oh.. that’s another thing.. I love it when I walk past someone and they start to smile! 🙂 Like the musician on the street yesterday.. I took my headphones off so I could hear what she’s playing ’cause I thought I’d like it.. and she noticed and smiled at me 🙂 So cute!

And yesterday I got loads and loads of compliments for my looks and service. A girl I never talk to ’cause she looks kinda evil said to her friend that I’m really awesome. And another girl said to her friend that I’m her favorite bartender ever. While drinking beer with some Norwegians another girl shouted that she loves me and that I’m crazy. 😀 Two Australian guys sang Pretty Woman to me.. and danced while doing so. That was really funny! And there were so many good words that when I sat down after work to relax a bit before putting all the bottles in.. I almost melted from the warm and fuzzy feeling I had inside. And then.. after walking Rita to her bus station I met some Italian dudes who sometimes come to party at the Club.. so we joked around till their bus came. I love the feeling of satisfaction my work gives me 🙂



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