Te nonāk viss, kam vairs nav vietas Helsas galvā

Haunted Castles!

Me and Shay.. we’re going to Edinburg! I’m so excited :)) This will be pure awesomeness! We’re going to travel, seek for geocaches and sleep in haunted castles all over Scotland for about 2 weeks 🙂 Hey.. sister.. if you’re reading this.. then – We’re going to visit you in Stirling! 😛 If you’re not reading this… even better! It will be a surprise! I know I still have to write about my trip to States.. but I just have so many other things to do 🙂 Anyway.. I’ll try to do it before going to Edinburg.. maybe even before going to France (if we’re going there at all, but I think we are). This is the only thing that will cheer me up at my official names day.. since for me July 26 is the day when I think of how fast has the summer come to the end and how little have I managed to do in it. So yei :))

Another thing I wanted to talk about.. is my phone. It’s being ridiculous! Whenever I forget about it.. I get like 5 sms, loads of notifications about new mails and foursquare check-ins also some missed calls.. and well yeah.. it looks like I’m somewhat popular. But.. when I have it close to me.. it keeps calm and quiet like nobody’s ever heard of me. What power on earth does control this shit?? 😀



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