Te nonāk viss, kam vairs nav vietas Helsas galvā


Ok.. this post is going to be quite long therefore.. here.. have some music in background..

Well..my party was not as crazy as Amandas and thankfully no one raped me.  But it was something..

So.. yesterday was crazy! 🙂 I finally took a day off from work.. and went to a party on Friday! I know it sounds unreal.. but I’d given the strongest of my words – the Pirate vow! And I never break a Pirate vow! So there was no other options but to go and even though I was really scared at first ’cause there were loads of people and well.. I did not know a single one of them.. everything turned out great. You see there were like 30 people I think.. 90% of those people – homosexuals.. and about 70% of them – guys. So yeah.. Helsa takes a day off and goes to dance with 20 gays. How cool is that? 😀 Typical me.
One guy really wanted to steal my hat.. but I wouldn’t let him even touch it. My hat is my precious. The funny thing is.. he was the only straight guy there.. 😀 I think his name is Aleksejs.. anyway he wanted me to teach him how to juggle but said he has no balls. There was Armands, Andris and Andrejs who listened..and laughed at our jokes. The conversation was something like this

-Can you teach me how to juggle?
-Sure, if you can get me some balls.
-I have no balls. Can you juggle with bottles?
-Yeah.. but you have to be prepared for that.
-Will you teach me?
-Sure.. someday
-If I’ll know how to juggle like a real bartender every girl will be mine
-It would be great if every girl was mine just ’cause I know how to juggle.
– But it’s like with guitars.. if you play a guitar or juggle.. every girl is yours.
-I do play guitar.. it does not work like that 😀
Then he brought me a guitar but Ars said he should put it back since it’s not a good idea to get music instruments out in parties.

Then Aleksejs wanted to check out how it is when a cigarette burns your hand. And he said that I must hate Russians since I’m not on One.lv  which is not true.. I have nothing against Russians.. I like to poison them with alcohol. 😀
Well then Artūrs came and started a long discussion about how comes some people are gay and some are not.. it’s in their DNA. And there was this dude Edijs who acted like a superstition of every gay you can see on TV.. he said he wants to be a designer. Typical! Also there was an old creepy lesbian Maija who got so drunk she dozed off in Ars bed and when almost everybody was gone she started to cry. Oh well.. some people don’t know how to handle booze. Anyway.. about 4am I finished my last cup of AppleBallantines and started to walk up to the Club..  I walked by Essential and it looked sick. Tomorrow’s the last day for that nightclub.. it used to be a legend. Now its days are over.
I was really drunk when I got to The Club.. going straight was something I acted like I’ve never heard of. I gave my jacket to the receptionist and went straight on to R’n’B bar to meet Valērija our superb new waitress/regular client and Zaiga who’s a new girl who does not like The Club but at least she was kind enough to help me out when I needed a holiday. Valērija said Zaiga is not nearly as fun as I am. Aww.. that’s so sweet of her! I gave her a kiss on a cheek for that.  Then Anja came and said that Madara is in the Main Bar.. so I stormed out to meet her. And whoa.. she really was there. So I took a Jagermeister with Coke from Marianna and talked to them. Then Madara wanted to smoke and go to the toilet and I met some other Russian dudes and danced with them.. then I met Diāna and danced with her. And then I met this really thin girl who always gets free drinks from tourists.. we call her worm. And danced with her.. then I danced with some strange Russian guys. Basically whole lot of dancing occurred and the funny thing is.. Madara was so drunk she forgot she wanted to smoke. 😀 Then I met Mārtiņš and had a little pep talk with him.. then another people.. then I was in the Main bar again.. talking to Peters wife Anja and drinking together with them.. oh my god.. those guys are the ones who own that place! Peter said that he’s glad I finally took a holiday to come to the Club. I was too drunk to care 😀 Then I danced with some tourists.. Madara wanted him to buy a drink for me but well.. I did not want him to buy me anything. Then Madara told me how awesome I am over and over again.. the funny thing is.. she does not recognize even the half of her own awesomeness.. she sees so much good in other people just ’cause there’s so much great values in her. Then we danced together with Olga the other bartender who used to work in the Main. And then Diāna caught me again so I walked with her to the R’n’B again..we smoked and then I talked to Roma (Madaras boyfriend) and then when I was about to get back to the dancing floor Mārtiņš asked me where’s Madara.. I said that her boyfriend is in r’n’b so she should be somewhere near.. and we started to seek for her.. I walked upstairs and Zane gave me a bottle of water. I must have been thirsty ’cause I drank it so quickly. Juris was there.. standing and looking at me when I finished the bottle.. and then I said thanks for the water and somehow managed to get downstairs even though there were loads of things in the way ’cause the VIP bar was closed already 😀 Downstairs I met Mārtiņš again and he said I should go to Greece and work there. I said that I have no place to stay there and he said that it’s not important. We decided that Madara is gone. Then I sat with the worm girl and she gave me her telephone and slept on my shoulder.. Mārtiņš asked who was that girl and I said that I do not know her at all. Then worm girl waked up and took me by the hand to go dance on the Main bar stage.. just where the DJs play… 😀 I managed to get Mārtiņš on the stage as well.. 😀 Later I jumped off.. and one of the guards took the other girl down 😀 Then I decided that the Club looks quite empty and decided to go home.. and so I did. Got my jacket first though. And found the worm girl to give her phone back. I almost fell asleep while waiting for the bus ’cause I was so tired and drunk. But I didn’t even miss my stop. I woke up today at 12 o’clock feeling all good, ate my breakfasts and decided that I’d go to the Club today. 😀

My mother called me this morning to tell that we have 4 kittens and that 2 of them look like masterpieces of art 🙂 I can’t wait to see the photos!



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