Te nonāk viss, kam vairs nav vietas Helsas galvā

Planning the future

As you know.. in about 5 years I’ll be rich.. in about 9 years I’ll be a millionaire and I’ve been gathering up my service crew since I’m 6 years old. I’ve raised my brother to be a perfect chef. I have my best friend I can share everything with. I’ve got a sexy girl to serve me drinks. I’ve got a wise and in every other way superb man to spend time together. I know I’ll open a small pub on Tobago island and I’ll call it Jacobins – in the name of French revolution and grand duke of Kurzeme  – Jēkabs. Since Tobago is one of the Caribbean islands.. I think I’ll like to spend some of my free time there 🙂

Today I and Shay agreed that in 9 years we’ll take 19 days cruise to Antarctica. Just ’cause well.. we want to visit Livingston islands and Hannah point to get a geocache 🙂 I think it will be a great way to celebrate 10 years of being friends.

Also.. since I’ll get my economics degree in Jelgava.. Latvian University of Agriculture.. I’ll invest some money in this place. Every year I’ll have a huge party going on in the castle to choose the most awesome student of the year. The student will get annual payment of about 200 euros and a keg of Scotch. No papers, no silly presentations.. I’ll call it the Scholarship of Awesomeness!

Also I might write a book about how to be lucky in life. ‘Cause actually there are only 5 basic rules:

1) Believe in yourself, your world and your dreams. Be yourself. Be the personality you want to be. Miracles happen. Rama rama ding dong!
2) Try to help, do something good to others every day even if you don’t really want to, even if you have to sacrifice yourself, just do it ’cause it’s good for you and in the end you’ll feel better.
3) If you don’t like someone – don’t try to fix the person. Buy him/her a cup of ice cream, say something nice to them and walk away. You have your own life to have all the fun you want and it’s short.. so why should you spoil it?
4) Do not hate nor let anyone hate you.
5) Screw all the rules you can. Take everything you can. Give nothing back. Do not reject nor regret. Have fun.  Just ’cause you can!


You know I might not be beautiful but I have something no money can buy and no time can take away from me – awesomeness 😀


3 responses

  1. RandomFunnyThing

    5) Screw all the rules you can. Take everything you can. Give nothing back. Do not reject nor regret. Have fun. Just ’cause you can!

    Just No! Wonder why anybody talks to you if you keep up with this attitude.

    marts 31, 2012 plkst. 13:05

  2. I think you just didn’ t understand this point 😛 You have to read together with the other ones. If you’d ever meet me in person you’ d understand how it works in general 🙂

    marts 31, 2012 plkst. 18:48

  3. RandomFunnyThing

    oki, sorry for such a reaction

    marts 31, 2012 plkst. 20:19


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