Te nonāk viss, kam vairs nav vietas Helsas galvā

The day before yesterday Madara told us she’s going to quit the job at the Club ’cause it’s keeping her away from her studies. I know her.. if she said she’s leaving.. she’s leaving. That’s the way most of the woman work.. those stubborn creatures 🙂

I’ll miss her a lot. I miss Aļona.. and I’ve seen her only for a few times. I’ve been working with Madara for half a year.. and I’ll miss her like hell. I don’t get many friends that I might consider to actually call friends not just acquaintances and if I happen to lose them.. it makes me sad. Last year I was in good friends with Dagnija, the bartender from the VIP bar.. she’s working in Dublin now. And we don’t talk that often. I miss her. Once I had a bartender Oksana.. God, did I love that girl? She was fun and really honest.. now she’s working in Brighton. Sometimes I hated my waitress but I know she’s always been good to me in her own crazy way.. and I miss her. I guess it’s time I loose another friend. That’s how my life works.. I get everything I want but I can’t keep anything I like. And there are plenty of reasons why to like this girl – it’s easy to have fun with her around.. and most importantly one can actually talk with her. That’s rare.

When she said she’s leaving.. I said that I wouldn’t see her again. She didn’t understand me. I bet she will..

Actually there’s only one more thing that troubles my mind. I think she’s leaving for the wrong reasons. You see.. she’s got a boyfriend whom she met at the club. They’re in love and everything’s fine except that.. well.. the man is jealous as he should be. He says he wants to burn the place down so he could have more time with Madara and less worries about someone stealing her from him. She says it’s school.. and I don’t buy it. Why? ‘Cause I’ve got school myself. I can’t see how 2 nights at the bar can spoil the studies. I mean.. one can always find or make some time to do the school papers. Even with loads of other interests.. sometimes one just have to sort what’s more important. Then again.. I might understand her.. if the guy she’s dating is rich enough to support both of them since the rest of the family seems to forget about her needs, relationships obviously are more important than work. They pay cents for the work at the club after all.. but it’s a fucking fun way to earn those cents. The only thing I can hope for is that they stay together if she wants it so ’cause otherwise.. leaving the club would be a terrible idea. She might get back in if she decides to.. but at what costs? And a funny thing.. she would have worked there only for two more months before going to wherever she decides to spend this summer. The time flies by fast. The other trivia.. she always wanted to work at the R’n’B bar.. never had a chance.. never will. But it’s her choice and I do respect it.

Basically it’s only 2 more weekends before she’s leaving. Then I’m going to USA Denver and when I come back I’ll be sad for multiple reasons. One – Coming back to Latvia always makes me sad. Two – I’ll know what kind of life I’ll have in years to come and I’ll be impatient to go there Three – I’ll be at the club.. but it will feel empty both for me and for Rita.

Oh well.. I can always hope for that there are friends who stay friends. But as I know she does not even consider me to be a friend, therefore.. it’s an easy game. I hope I’m wrong. That’s rare.

Sorry for taking this to my blog. Had to get this off my mind so I can get some proper sleep.

So.. here you go Mojo.. a post about you. You always said I must have some of those. This is the first one. You’re a great colleague.. it’ll be really awful to work at the club without you. Have fun!

Kaza zeķēs 😀



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