Te nonāk viss, kam vairs nav vietas Helsas galvā


Madara asked me to write about last weekends Sunday in details.. since she can remember that morning just partly. I’d love to do it.. it would have been awesome if I did it yesterday when my mind was fresh and not spoiled by Mondays accidents.. but I’m a lazy turd. Therefore I’ll try my best. I’m sorry if I miss out something. Okay.. here goes nothing:

I had a party with my godfather and came to work in high spirits. But it was a shitty day at the club for me. Not even enough clients to have a decent amount of tips. Therefore I was drinking my time away, dancing with clients and basically well.. just having fun as usual. At about 5am came a small sized man and started to buy drinks for me.. so I got drunk while Rita was upstairs having fun with Madara and drinking her night to the morning as well. Nothing unusual at the club if you want to know. At about 5:30am I was coming upstairs from a bathroom when one of my clients I’ve been having for a while came to me and asked if I would like to go to some place and party with him and his friends. I said.. sure, so he waited for me while I was telling Rita and Madara of the new plan. Basically what I said was : “Hey, there’s a man outdoors he says I should come to party with him and his friends. Do you want to come with me?” and Madara replied: “Let’s go to the Jameson!” It’s an interesting thing ’cause earlier that evening Madara was arguing with her boyfriend and I suggested that she should totally get drunk and come to Jameson with me afterwards. Then came Juris, I had a perfect record on my cash register but I had to spoil everything by 7 lats in the end never the less ’cause I thought something was wrong with the credit cards. I didn’t care though.. still do not. In about 20 minutes we were downstairs taking our jackets, waiting for Douglas, Williams, Dave and the guy whos name I didn’t catch back then. They were going with Baiba, one of the workers at the Kiwi bar..  We didn’t want to go by feet therefore we took a huge cab..  I mean.. 8 people in one taxi? Neat! Rita didn’t want to come.. but we persuaded her anyway.. saying that it would be just for a half an hour. But one does not go to party with Helsa to have just one drink. I guess she didn’t know that. Now she will remember. 😀
In the bus everybody was screaming Ballītēē! singing along the songs on the radio, pretending to dance and kissing. I guess the cab driver was pretty annoyed by us.. but who the fuck cares? He took a fortune for the drive from Douglas.
Getting out of the cab.. me dancing in the middle of the street..then running away from the bus.. smoking in front of the Jameson.. Dave traded one of my Marlboro Menthol to his shitty More cigarettes. Douglas was telling about him swapping necklaces with one of the guards from the Club. He traded his white gold cross to some Russian bullet. Who the hell wants to do something as stupid as that? Then he told about his tattoos.. later showing them by the bar.  We were hiding under the roof so the rain wouldn’t get us.. and then we went inside.
Taking off our jackets.. Douglas tried to take mine.. but I wouldn’t let for I like my jacket a lot and I wouldn’t want to loose it. While I was busy arguing with him about how I looked better with or without my jacket Rita was arguing with some Italian chick ’cause in the Jameson reception room there isn’t really enough place to be comfortable for it’s usually really crowded. I got Douglas to pay for his entrance ticket. And then we went downstairs.. leaving some of the guys behind.
Ordering our first drinks by the first bar – Spiced rum with a coke for me.. other 2 girls had just rum and coke. I don’t know why the bartender didn’t give them the spicy one even when they asked for it. Taking some pictures. Having shots of B-52. Then again a rum and coke. And another session of B-52 shots. Douglas had Vodka apple juice.. and he was already asking me when we should leave others behind to go somewhere else to have some privacy time. I said “Not yet” and that’s the answer he got a lot that night. He’s got loads of tattoos and a really beautiful sculptured body with huge muscles therefore I hope he won’t remember me.. and if he will.. that he will not be awfully angry for I don’t want to die yet. While I was talking to him.. Madara and Rita were whining to the bartender about how I get all the attention when they’re so much prettier than I am. But that’s what happens everywhere.. I go to the club.. I get the attention. I walk on the streets.. I get the attention. I go to the party.. and I’m the one they’re talking about there. Afterwards we got to the smoking area, stole some fags from Baiba and talked a bit about nothing particular. Basically she said she didn’t mind giving away those smokes ’cause she believed some day some one might give them back to her.. ’cause that’s how karma works. In the smoking area Rita accused me of not having relationships and that’s when I told her that I don’t fucking give a damn about guys. You can read all about that on my previous post. Rita looked at me.. and then she kissed me. She’s pretty good at it. 🙂 Tasty! Then Madara kissed me. Then Madara said she wouldn’t tell anyone.. that I was a really cool girl. That she was shocked. She said she’d tell Aljona and I said that Aljona already sort of knows since last time we were in Jameson I told her I had a really jealous girl friend when she asked me if I was dating someone. Aljona was drunk and might not remember the conversation.. but I still respect her for not telling this to anyone.. even to Madara. The funny thing is.. how can one be so shocked? I mean.. I’ve been telling I’ve got 14 wives and a husband who’s a girl for quite a while. I guess she thought it was just a joke, but then again.. I do have a remarkable poker face. You have to have one when you’re living with a homophobe mother and grandmother who both want me to have children when in fact I can’t have none ’cause of my darn back problems. Alright, whatever.. all the respect to Aljona. She’s a great friend. Madara however right after saying me that she wouldn’t tell anybody went straight to Baiba and told her that I’m a lesbian.. to which Baiba replied that she likes boys and that everything’s fine. Finishing our drinks and going to the other bar to get some more.. we met the one and only.. DJ Dzee. I said hi to him.. Rita hugged him and didn’t want to let go. Madara asked if he had a girlfriend and he replied that he’s got a wife and some kids. I think that’s a lie whereas Madara believes that he really is in a relationship with someone. Getting another set of rum and cokes.. watching how those girls kiss in front of the camera man and dancing with Douglas. Drinking B-52 shots.Getting bored with those girls and going back to the smoking area just to talk with Dave about how the languages differs between Scotland, Whales and England. Then Madara and Rita came to me so they’d get another set of drinks and going to the bar and having another set of rum and cokes.. arguing with Douglas about the time we should leave and finally he went away without buying another set of B-52 to us.. which is good ’cause I doubt I could handle another one of those.  we got to the table and Madara said that she thinks that I don’t even understand how lucky am I.. that I’d understand it all only when this time passes away. I replied to her that she doesn’t know what she’s actually talking about ’cause she doesn’t know even the half of the problems I have to deal with. She started to tell me about her father and step father leaving her mother. I think I shall leave this case uncovered ’cause.. I do respect that girl and I don’t want to go out and spill her family issues out. That’s not how I’ve raised myself to. Anyway.. she cried and Rita went to the bar so she wouldn’t have to listen or something. Alright, then we got to the other hall.. and met a girl who started to tell the story of her life. I got another cigarette from her and Madara was annoyed by how everyone serves me when no one wants to share with her. Anyway.. the girl was all about having a deep conversation of how one should be him/herself and not something other. I’ve got her on my facebook now.. she basically used the same phrases she has there in her profile information. She said that once she was not as beautiful as now and had just a few of friends..but that those are the best friends she’s ever had. Madara said she understood that girl and that she’s never met someone as nice and open to speak ones mind in the Jameson ever before. Rita was just sitting there and wondering around. I don’t know what else they were talking about ’cause I went to the toilet, but when I came back.. the conversation pretty much had not change the way. Then we went to the bar.. had the last set of rum and cokes, Madara got a paper slip with Rutas name surname and telephone number. Sat by the table, sipped our drinks.. before I had finished mine Douglas came with a whiskey and coke cocktail..  and then someone called him to show off his body so we used the time to run away from the bar and get our bags from the other bar. We ran upstair to the receptionist.. Madara took her jacket but Rita kept rambling about how beautiful hair does that guy have and that we shouldn’t leave before drinking the last cocktail. When Douglas finally found us as coming upstairs I screamed.. run!! And ran out of the Jameson.. around the corner, then back, waited for Madara ’cause she was on her usual high heeled boots.. and then we hid ourselves inside one of the little wine shops they have there. Called Rita who was still chilling in the Jameson and talking to the receptionist. Madara ran off to get her while I was hiding around the corner ’cause Douglas had already come out. Then we walked away, crossed the street.. understood that we’re going the wrong way, walked back.. saw that man.. went crazy and jumped in to a tram that was passing by. There we sat, talked about how we did not spend a single cent during the night. Got ourselves out of the tram by the Stockman center.. walked. Rita was first to get out.. so she tried to walk backwards and suit or speed or something but.. she didn’t see the pile of old snow.. and fell in to it, then she got herself up and walked straight.. so I had to run to her to give her her bag to which she replied.. I don’t care about the bag, look at my trousers. She had her face in shit and mud.. and she tried to wash it off in a puddle, we found another.. a little bit deeper puddle and said that it should be cleaner. Then again we tried to find a cab to get Madara home ’cause her boyfriend was up and calling her all the time. The same went for Ritas boyfriend.. so we went to McDonalds. At first it took about 30 minutes to get inside the toilet.. those girls went to the boys toilet in the end, but then a manager came and let us in the ladies room to wash our hands. Afterwards I took happy meal and Madara took Chicken burger, potatoes and loads of sauces.. I think she had sauce of every kind they have in McDonalds. Rita just yelled at us “I hate you” and tried to sleep on the table. After about half an hour came Madaras boyfriend and Rita walked her way to the bus.. Roma and Madara chilled with me while I was waiting for my bus and then went away.. Madara stole my happy meals figurine number 8 😀 I got home.. slept for about 2 hours and then I was up and good to go..

So that’s it.. that’s the story of Sunday. Maybe… I’ll tell the story of Monday as well.. but I’m a bit tired right now, and my eyes hurt from the screen therefore.. bye bye 🙂

Ask your questions below. Add if there’s something I forgot to mention.



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