Te nonāk viss, kam vairs nav vietas Helsas galvā

A little bit of everything.

Last weekend.. I was sober! I bet you never imagined that coming up.. did you? Hah! That however didn’t change the fun factor of my daily life.. ’cause my brains are pretty fucked up already.

On Friday there was nothing strange happening.. at least as far as I remember. Yeah.. I think that day was alright.. lots of laughing but nothing particular to be mentioned. The only thing I came up with was.. I want to get drivers licence for the big stationary buses so I could troll people around, kidnapping them and yelling random things while driving. This idea appeared to me when I was randomly jumping around the bus and the bus driver started to yell at me that I was acting inappropriate 😀

Oh, one more thing.. Sveta told us how the Erot 2012 went, she said it was alright. Then she poured vodka on me from a bottle, so I had to lick it off 😀 Then we thought of a new way to drink tequila.. you just rub some salt on your right hand, then pour some tequila on it and hold a slice of lemon in the same hand of course.. and then you just have to lick it all up from the elbow till fingers 😀

Saturtday was fun all day long.. Day was full of traveling and events around them, had to get my dog to vet, then had to show friends the way to my sisters horse stable which right now is in really foul condition, but at least Lauce is in the good part of the stable, then had to go to another horse stable to meet my friends little monster and put about 5 different saddle on it till finally found ones that will be alright for the next couple of months while that horse is still growing up, afterwards I got home for enough time to get a shower, eat some junk food and get myself to the bus on time. Phew.

At 9pm, when I arrived to The Club.. it was 36 hours without sleep already, guess who was in a crazy hyperactive mood? Aye! And I did loads of strange things.. like..
I put two boxes of smirnoff ice to my ears and said.. hey, look, I’m the boxmouse! In front of the whole smoking crew of bartenders and waitresses.. then I burst out laughing and they thought I was on pot or something.
Afterwards I spent my time in toilet talking shit with Madara (I tend to call her Mojo though.. I don’t know why, but she’ll have to be alright with this nickname.. it’s not like I’m calling her Mopsītis (Pug), that’s Ritas’ nickname). I said that I am the radio toilet and so I went on talking about space traveling and other things.
Alright.. that’s boring stuff.
Here, the short revelations for the night:

Masha, my new girly husband, came up with flowers and loads of fags. She’s lovely! Always cheers me up a little bit when I’m not smiling already. 🙂

This weekend there was no zombie. That’s sad. I missed her cool dancing moves, lol.

At around 4am I came up with a new motto – The best way to die.. is to die while you dance! So me and Rita who was even more tired than I was.. just danced around without caring for the fact that it’ll soon be 2 full days and nights without sleeping a single hour.

There was a woman that looked like a sheatfish. She was about 24 years old and had a huge mustache. The first thought I had spinning through my mind when I saw that was.. hell.. even my grandmother has smaller mustache than this chick! I gave her a nickname Sieviete-Sams and Rita said that’s very appropriate for that girl. So, yei me!

Another attention whore is Lady Vaga.. a girl in really short mini skirts..tends to put them up so everyone can see her ugly socks and underpants and then dances around guys in a way that looks like she really wants them to fuck her on the dance floor. Also she kissed one of the guards. Just awful.

By the end of the night the flowers that my husband gave looked awful.. dead. I guess flowers do not like rooms that are full of smoke 😀 So the right phrase for them was Izdirstas puķītes. That got me thinking.. if a unicorn poops rainbows.. what kind of animal poops flowers? 😀 Imagine a little pink elf jumping around in a girly mode and popping flowers from his very ass all the time. If you didn’t get the joke now.. smoke some weed and I’m sure you will.

While counting the alcohol and talking all over the funny things that happened during the night we came up with a new meal.. it’s called Klubniņas (Clubbies).. that’s a meal you eat while you’re at the club. That night we had carrots. Good food. Healthy.

Sunday morning was alright.. I didn’t even have to hitch-hike my way home.. fetched the right bus on time. Had about an hour and a half of sleep.. and when I woke up I had to go to Rīga to watch a hockey game. We won! And while we’re on this topic:
The biggest fail I had during the game was when.. during the big wave I lost more than half of my black garlic bread and a little bit of my beer as well..
And of course I was drinking beer while watching hockey.. to drink coffee while watching a hockey game is almost as lame as to have only one whiskey and coke while you’re at party.

The best quote at McDonalds “Hey, there’s not enough whiskey in your Coke!”

So that’s about it.. after McDonalds we went to Jelgava, I got my wallet back and then the last strange thing I said when I was in my student apartment talking to comrades was.

You shall fear my power for I am the princess of Chaos. And now I will undress.

Then I got to sleep and woke up on Monday without a clue what year it is 😀
Monday evening.. sitting with Kate in my bed and making little cranes out of paper for a geocaching task. I was abnormally tired but I ended the evening drinking beers with Zane and Kate and watching the Butterfly Effect 3, the bloodiest of the series.

Today it’s Tuesday.. and I’m being a lazy fuck. Just sending messages to my friends to tell them about the great party I’m going to host on Thursday.

Tomorrow will be a busy day.. at first I’ll have to be a goalie in some stick ball games defending my faculty team against other faculties. Then I’ll go to Archys’ place to drink loads and loads of vodka ’cause it’s his birthday and he said that he would bring me on his hands if I didn’t come on my own 😀 Also I might try to visit the local club Tonuss ’cause DJ Dzee is having a show there tomorrow night.. also there’s this drinking game going on, so I might want to win the prize 😀

I don’t really want to think of studying on Thursdays morning.. I know how it usually goes.

I might try to get Archy to my party on Thursday as well.. oh damn, I guess that will be fun. I mean.. we’re both going to be drunk as hell.. and thirsty for the water in the morning. There’s only one rule when drinking with Archy.. we’re drinking till the floor do us apart 😀

Friday will be a strange day.. but then again.. that’s another weekend another party!

Okay, since I’m updated you on my daily life of booze.. I shall go to take a nap now.



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