Te nonāk viss, kam vairs nav vietas Helsas galvā

Top 5 reasons why my life’s awesome

When my life is full of interesting news.. I have no time to write about them.

But here I am again to tell you why my life’s awesome. Top 5

5) Last Monday started the new semester at my Uni.. and on Wednesday I went to cinema to celebrate it. The movie I chose was Puss in the Boots. The movie’s rad.. I do recommend it a lot to anyone who loves a good laugh and animated movies. Also I got some new flair equipment so I can train myself better.

4) On Thursday I moved in new room with some friends so I don’t have to live with the mute anymore. Now I’m living with Ridley and Kristīne and they’re really really nice 🙂 Yesterday I took all my things but kettle from the previous room so now I’m pretty comfortable here. Even wifi is a little bit faster here.

3) By the end of February Troy, my Great Dane will have puppies 🙂 At least 8 of them.. and there’s even a possibility that I’ll have to be the midwife. I’m a little bit scared.. but I know I can do it if she decides to give birth during my shift. ‘Cause I’ve already done it for Shih-Tcu and Poland Podhal Shepherd dogs. Great Dane is different.. it’s bigger.. but well.. the basic things will be the same.. so.. meh, when the time comes I’ll know what to do. I’m sure.

2) Next week I’m going to Tallin with Shay. We’re going to watch the city and geocache around for a bit.. I hope it will be warmer than it is now by then. Also, as Shay has to move to Pakistan to work there a bit.. probably I’ll have the great possibility take care of his cat Eiklute. Yeah.. the beautiful and smart Savannah kitten I loved so much when I was in Vilnius. Oh.. and Shay promised me to bring some Stephen King books.. I love that author a lot. I’ve already bough nearly everything I can get from him in Latvia.

1) And the number 1 reason why my life’s legendary, awesome, amazing and fun.. I’m going to USA, baby! And I’ll be there for a whole 2 weekends and one week between them. Skiing in Colorado, Denver. Watching Hockey game – Columbus Blue Jackets versus Colorado Avalanche. Acknowledging the city.. after all.. if I do like it.. I might move there after I finish my school. Shay said he’s got some friends and I could get a job as a bartender there pretty soon. I’m more that excited for the trip. And as far as I’m concerned I’ll have the best guide I could imagine for.. for I’m going there with Shay. On the way back I’ll have a day in Paris.. and I’ll even visit Amsterdam for a short moment (just airport but still). I bet this is going to be the trip of the year! Even if I manage to go to Luxembourg with my sister on June and afterwards to work in Malta or Crete. I still have to get my visa though.


So now you know.. my life’s awesome ’cause I’ve got some of the best friends I could ever imagine.. and I’m so happy I want to hug everybody again and again again 🙂



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