Te nonāk viss, kam vairs nav vietas Helsas galvā

Not a nice person

Okay.. so maybe I’m not the nicest person one would ever know. Unless that one has spent the entire life within the company of complete assholes. But I do have to take care of myself when no one else will.

Like right now I’m actually taking a really harsh decision. I’ll explain it.

I’ve got a waitress. She’s 27 years old, she’s got 2 children each from a different father. She’s living together with her mother and studying the last grade of a school..not a university, not a college.. just a fucking school. Like the one you’re supposed to finish when you’re 18 years old. Do I really have to point out the fact that she’s dumb? And one should know that there’s only one thing I hate.. I hate dumb people and I hate them with whole my heart and soul. I’m sorry but there’s nothing I can do about it. Okay.. so I despise her and therefore I would not talk to her.. but she’s fucking annoying me all the time.. asking me to repeatedly explain her the small situations, and oh.. that’s the other thing I find hard to tolerate with ’cause I’ve hated to repeat myself ever since I was a kiddo.. I’ve even cried ’cause of my grandfather asking over and over again the same things. Whenever she finally grasps the information I’ve been sending her.. she says “aaah” loudly and to me it actually sounds like a terrible crow opening it’s pecker to spill out a poisonous shriek of sound. She’s not particularly ugly but when she makes that sound.. she looks like a damned witch straight out of a Russian cartoon. She’s not a bad person though.. she’s extremely honest in fact and that’s a huge difference after my last waitress who loved to steal not only from clients, but also from myself sometimes. But she’s boring as hell.. she’ll tell me about things I’ve never cared about and I do doubt I ever will for hours spitting in my face for her excitement and I’ll try not to move a muscle while listening to her ’cause that’s the way I hold myself together when something truly irritating comes my way. She’s wearing ugly shoes with open front and yes.. you might think it’s alright.. but it’s not. It’s completely out of style and out of the protocol of how one should dress. I bet I am not the one who should criticize her that much.. but then again I am the one ’cause she’s my waitress and I have to work with that. She’s always telling me of where she’s going to be or what she’s going to do, ask questions about things I do not have to care about at all and basically she’ll do everything to avoid thinking and deciding things for herself. She completely disrespects my private space, nor my time when I’m counting the money by the cash register machine. When there’s a costumer and I’ve not seen him before she’ll call me in an annoying way. Sometimes I do understand the things that goes on in London with all their club knife crimes.. ’cause I’d love to hit that woman with a glass every time she opens her mouth. I need someone to have fun with, who’d change my mood for better not for worse ’cause when I’m working with my costumers, I need to be completely satisfied with everything that goes around me. So.. yes I might turn her in a horrible situation ’cause of her children and blah blah blah… but then again.. she should understand that she have to change her life completely and working at the club won’t do it. After all this is not a work for old people.

Today I talked to Rita.. my cousins girlfriend. She’s a nice girl, a truly beautiful one. She’s into club music or so I’ve heard. She knows basically everything about cosmetics and stuff. And She’s fun. I convinced her to work with me this weekend.. and I do hope she’ll love the bar ’cause I do want to work with her. Last time I partied with her was on my birthday.. and I really liked the way she parties then. so we shall have some more fun 🙂

So yeah.. you can send me to hell for this or not.. but I do believe that actually I’m turning the things for good for all of us.. ’cause I’ll receive a better waitress. My ex-waitress might understand that she actually should find a better job than this one. Rita will finally be able to party and even get some money for it. So.. let’s stay positive, shall we? 🙂

The other thing.. tomorrow I’m going to do something bad. I’m going to present a work that’s a complete plagiarism but.. I do hate that agricultural shit subject. If I get caught.. I get caught. If I do not.. I’m really lucky. I do not care about the points. I do not care about the grades for this semester ’cause I’m  out of the budget group for the next semester for sure already.. but I do need to do that goddamn presentation and so I will. The guy I’m supposedly working with does not know that “my work” is a fucking ripoff.. but he’s not moved a finger to help me anyway.. so screw him. Screw everything. Maybe I’ll study a bit more for the next semester ’cause then I’m going to make another big decision – I’ll have to decide what should I do with my economist degree.. should I specialize in accountancy, business, law or something that’s too boring to understand called regional economics. I’ll get my paper and move to Canada and they won’t even care for my higher education at first ’cause who actually gives a fuck about Latvian universities? I truly believe myself when I say – Nobody.



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