Te nonāk viss, kam vairs nav vietas Helsas galvā

Friday the 13th.

I love my life today!

Haha.. You know.. it was 4am in the morning as I woke up thinking eeew… screw this day.. I don’t want to do anything, I’ll just sleep in and that’s it. I don’t care about the police nor I do about that damn essay I have to hand in in about 5 hours.. that I have not even started to work on. Why would I care about it? I am not going to be in the budget group next year anyway. And then I got to sleep again.. about one and half an hour later.. I woke up again. It was 5.21 and well.. I changed my mind. I thought.. eh, if I am not able to sleep anymore.. I might as well do that goddamn essay. And so I did.

I guess I broke the speed record of my essay writing skills.. as I did an essay on Luxembourg Tax system in about 3 hours.. well.. 10 pages of full text translated and modified all by myself (I don’t use any crappy translators, those things disgust me awfully) from in English/French to Latvian about taxation and refunds.. and in those 3 hours you have to count in the time I spent searching for the information, writing, translating, again writing, evaluating and making other decisions as well as formatting the goddamn thing together. Haha.. at about 9 am I was done with the essay.. then I got myself to the printing office..printed the whole thing out.. and handed it in just in time. I got 9 for the paper and 8 for the course all together. So am I smart or am I smart? 😛

Later I went to the police office to talk about my car crashing experience or something.. ha ha. I was really scared at the first.. but then again I was all too happy for my essay success to actually think about the things police might do to me. First there was a blond girl that probably was Lithuanian ’cause her surname was no were near of Latvian origins, she had loads of piercings in her right ear and she coughed a lot.. kinda cute but very polite and well organised, a serious girl for serious business. Well.. she looked at my papers and then sent me to the next office.. I had to wait a little bit. Then I walked in.. there was this obese pork-man.. the chief of the police and he was looking at my poor bug on his pc screen. The very first thing he said to me was – a beautiful car, huh? I did not know what to say so I replied the very first thing that was on my mind.. – yeah.. a truly beautiful car it was indeed! Then he asked me about the papers and I confirmed that I’ve understood everything and that I am okay with everything that’s there. So he gave me a protocol and said “I am deeply sorry I can’t give you a bigger fee. I’d even love to take your drivers licence away. But I can do no such thing ’cause your papers are perfect.” I replied with a honest “Thank you, so where should I pay my 5ls fee?” He said that any bank will do and so I left the building happily. Haha.. I’m so lucky I got those nice police mans to support me when I was at the accident place.. I’m really glad they did my papers in such a way the police chief was unable to put me behind the bars or something. When I walked out of the building I called my mother to tell her how epic I am and she laughed sincerely when I repeated the words of the police chief with a huge drama added “You will burn in flames of hell for such dishonest actions and I would love to take your drivers licence away and put you in huge debts but I am unable to do so.” haha.. I love that police station.. 🙂 I mean.. 5 lats? I bet that’s the least they could give me. I’m so happy everything turned ok at the end.. except for the fact that I am still without money to repair my beloved bug.



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  1. Shay

    A song for every occasion.

    janvāris 13, 2012 plkst. 14:32


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