Te nonāk viss, kam vairs nav vietas Helsas galvā

I don’t mind

So as on Friday morning my boss called me and said that I have to go to work after all.. and at that moment I decided that while I’m at work I can talk to everybody ’cause well.. my boss wouldn’t approve of silent bartender. And a funny week this one was.. instead of firing me.. the boss fired my waitress. And I’ve got rather twisted feelings on this case ’cause on one hand – she was drinking all too much of bar alcohol without paying for it, giving cocktails for free to her friends, bringing in illegal alcohol and doing all sort of bad things that could easily cause me loads of troubles, but on the other hand.. apart from being all cheesy.. she was and still is a nice girl, that cared for me. My new waitress.. well.. I bet maita could describe her perfectly, so all I’ll say is.. she’s slow and strange and ‘oh boy what a wonder’ I’m afraid of her, but at least she won’t drink anything but coca cola.. so I won’t have to worry about alcohol anymore.

On Saturday Dagnija called.. I could not not answer this call.. it specially since she’s been living in Ireland for 3 months and she does not use twitter that often to understand why the hell am I silent, and to add a cherry on this pile of reasons… I was at work when she called me.. so.. everything’s fine for the bow of silence. Well.. she called me to say that she’s in Latvia for the weekend and that she’ll visit me in the club. The night was going on and I thought she was too drunk to come or something, but when the clock hit its 5th hour.. she came with all her friends. I was so happy to see her again.. she’s been the best V.I.P. bartender the club has ever had.. I mean it.. Dagnija’s an awesome girl! When she was leaving, we hugged each other and one of her friends said that it’s prohibited to hug someone illegally, and I said that this hug is totally legal.. but the thing she said surprised me a lot.. she said “yeah, it belongs to family matters”.. this one phrase warmed my heart a lot 🙂 On Monday she flies back to Dublin and who knows when she’ll be in Latvia again.. but as far as I’m concerned.. Dagnija’s the one friend I’d love to keep in contacts of mine. I’d love to go to another random afterparty with her and Pepija one day or another.. drink beer on streets, talk to haphazard strangers, take funny pictures and videos… eh.. the good old times :))

And that’s about it.. oh, wait, another thing.. I’m sick. I’ve got colds.. no.. wait.. I’ve got icebergs 😛 I mean.. when I’m coughing it feels like my lungs are dying. I’m taking syrups and some other drugs, making special hot cocktails, drink tea and other hot beverages but right now.. nothing seems to help. I’ll keep going to school whatsoever ’cause as I’m always saying to myself.. if I’m not in hospital, I’m alright.

Shay told me about this wonderful idea of his of making a project where 6 – 8 people would gather together for a year or maybe a little less to study music instruments, learn languages and cook different local meals without having to do anything else ’cause they’d share the costs on housing from what they’ve saved before. Living in Thailand, Ecuador, Tasmania.. haha.. oh the daydreaming. If I’d have a chance.. I’d took this option. 🙂

Btw.. I found my keys.. they’re in my car. And yeah.. I tried to cover my car with some sheet but as it turned out.. the sheet was too small so I’ll probably need another one to do it.

I think this is the last week of the school..before the exams start.. so I’ll have to do a little of studying and a lot of worrying haha.. I surely hope I’ll be in budget group again ’cause I’d hate to pay for these studies.. it specially since they cut my salary at the club I doubt I could even afford the check.. then again.. I have a little hope on my credit history.. since I had a credit on my studies when I was studying in the Social Science faculty of Latvian University and I’ve paid a lot of it back since I quit those studies and got in a budget group in Latvian University of Agriculture.. maybe I could take some of the money the bank promised me back then and give it in here. I’m not sure how all the banking and credit system works here though..so I better keep on clinging on the belief that I’ll be in a budget group. 🙂 I think my grades are not bad.. well.. most of them are quite good actually. Eh.. but what’s the use of wondering, when you can’t know anything for sure anyway? 🙂 Ha ha.. the last week of school and I’m keeping the bow of silence 😀

Alright.. here.. a good song I heard on my ipod this morning.. if you have a pair of good headphones.. but them on. ’cause otherwise you might just miss the beautiful overture.



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