Te nonāk viss, kam vairs nav vietas Helsas galvā


Lately maita’s taking more and more of a control over me. And well…if you know maita, then you know it’s not a good sign of her to appear in my life it specially on a high rate. She does not let me to eat, to sleep.. sometimes she won’t even let me to be..then all of a sudden I wake up somewhere and I can’t even explain to myself how the hell did I get there. That’s maita. She hates everyone but she loves to torture me with ill thoughts, bad images, creeping in my mind and eating up my soul. If she’ll kill me.. I can say only one thing – thanks for being with me. Thanks for being my friend. Thanks for reading this post. Be nice to my body if you meet it somewhere, say hi to maita from me. Say that I’ve always loved her.



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