Te nonāk viss, kam vairs nav vietas Helsas galvā


I’ve got loads of friends I talk rarely to.. I love them as much as those I meet everyday though. It’s just that we’re busy people.. live in different towns sometimes even countries.. and we’re not that found of talking through internet.

Today I’d like to tell you about my friend Diesel. He’s almost like a brother to me.  When we were only 13 years old, I made those huge parties with loads of people I didn’t even know.. they usually were really fun with striptease dancers, games, loads of drinks.. well mostly my friends were in their 20ties already, so that’s perfectly acceptable. Diesel was one of those friends I made through these parties and he was only 13 back then too. I remember us talking about our future at about 5am in the morning.. he said that he’d be a bartender when he’d be allowed to be. He really meant it, he could talk about bartending for hours.. that’s just the one thing he loved a lot.. the profession with all it’s flaws. I said that I’d probably be a bartender too someday..just for fun. Well that was then.. about 7 years ago..

Look at him now..

He’s one of the few really professional flair bartenders in Latvia, he’s of the flair religion community. He’s still awesome as a friend to have. Whenever I say I’d make a party, he’s always willing to join. Not arrogant, always ready to talk. He’s such a nice guy that on the bases of our long time friendship I almost love him like a brother. And most of all.. he is the bartender he wanted to be. That’s the best! And the funny thing is.. I’m a bartender too.

You never know what will come true and what not when you make a wish. You never know what will happen if you take a chance and risk. Sometimes you might gain friends for life.. while doing something completely irresponsible. I remember back than.. when I made my first party.. Diesel (now noone knows him as Diesel anymore.. he’s Gunča) said that I’m crazy.. that I could be inviting loads of criminals to my own home.. well I must confess I did trust those guys a lot. And I’ve never regretted it.

And.. haha.. right now he looks a little bit like that dude from Paradise Lost.


All my friends are awesome and probably I should make a post dedicated to each and every one of them. But.. well.. I won’t make any promises.



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