Te nonāk viss, kam vairs nav vietas Helsas galvā


Yesterday I went to Balerija, it’s a local pub, that offers live concerts once in a while. This time there were 3 awesome metal bands – Enhet (LV), Re-Armed (FIN) and Emerald (EST). Well.. Re-Armed was fun, but their presentation of themselves was quite ridiculous. Latvians.. were alright..load and clear of their mission. But all my sympathies goes to Emerald. Those guys know how to play and what to say.. the energy that flowed within the band was awesome to look at. I almost considered to buy their album. Anyway.. as I was listening to the music I’d miss for such a long time, I started to remember different things about my previous life. I started to miss my old friends.. yeah.. all the sentimental bullshit.

I almost bit my hands off ’cause I wanted to call Valts but I know I shouldn’t. God.. how I miss that guy, he’s fun, he’s smart, he’s sexy. What else could you ask for? Oh, right.. he’s crazy, adventurous and completely broken inside. Well.. I’ll not call him.

Then.. there’s Arnis, my old friend. Ha ha I just miss his awesome speeches, his freaky outfits and interesting theories. He’s a rare personality. Wish we could meet again on a concert, just to dance together ’cause that’d be fun but I’m always busy – work on Friday and Saturday nights is so not good for my social life.

Undoubtedly I miss Reinis, my one true love that will never come true. But that’s another story, I miss him even when I’m around him.

Krišjānis, Vova, Sabīne and Ieva.. hah.. I guess I miss that company a lot. But there’s not a single chance to meet them again, ’cause they all are different people again. I remember the old times when we used to drink beer in Sigulda parks, talk about music and concerts, run crazy ideas.

I miss the whole open-air concert atmosphere. Zvērā, Sutas Balss, Mīlas Vasara, Fonītis, ahh.. those were some good times you’re drinking beer with your friends and suddenly you’re alone talking with some strange new people by a fireplace, dancing around in mud, looking for something someone else’s lost. Eating stolen free potatoes. I didn’t have much money that time.. we usually got to concerts by hitch hiking, therefore every festival was an adventure from one end till the other. All those lost opportunities. Wish I could be that girl again. If yesterday I remember all the bad stuff, then today it’s the good one, and there’s more of the good than there’re was the bad. Oh, how I loved those days.. I was young and I could do whatever I wanted to at the summers.. my summers always belong to Latvia.

I miss Alex and Miguel the Spanish awesomeness at the school.. Joonas and Leo Finnish craziness. I miss Pawel.. I remember how we danced at the park ’cause I was sad and drunk 😀 I miss Ola, I miss Ruta, I must confess I miss Ott and Kristina-Helena too 😀 All those crazy Luxembourg people.. why do good times pass? I’m glad I was there to enjoy them though.

Today I’ve got to go to the work.. I’m not happy about it. But I know that after this week there’ll be the next one.. the fun one.. I’ll go to Vilnius to an awesome ninja pirate party and I shall have fun 😀




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