Te nonāk viss, kam vairs nav vietas Helsas galvā

-Are you ready for serious commitment? Real relationships? He asked and we kissed but the thing that ran right through my mind was.. Hell no!  I’ll do anything to stay single. Today I sent a message saying that I don’t want to see him again.. but I’ve lost all my “fuck-off” skills, so we’ll meet again.. on Sunday. That’s better than today. Yes, I may be strange, but I love my life the way it is.. and even when this damn good looking guy wants to spend every minute with me waiting for me when I finish the school.. sleeping in my car while I’m partying with my friends.. even then I’ll say no. I’ll move to student apartments so he can’t find me. If he’s smart enough.. he’ll find a way to catch me. But I’m a strange animal..I’m a snake. By Mayan horoscope I’m the wind. You can’t catch the wind. The wind will catch you, play with you for some time and before you notice it.. it’ll be gone. I’m the wind. I move things to happen.. if I like them to do so. I’m the snake.. I’ve got a huge goal you’ll never understand until it’s done. I’m Helsa. I’m stronger and smarter than you might think. And I know how to use opportunities. Maybe I’m just a little bit confused right now.. ’cause of my grandfathers death I must confess I’m not really in my skin.. but I believe that my inner intuition will solve my problems.

Heck.. I feel strange.



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