Te nonāk viss, kam vairs nav vietas Helsas galvā

Can’t Outrun

Well.. let’s start this post with something as lame as the question – Do you believe in destiny? Do you believe that every little thing that happens, happens with a reason? Would nature waste itself on nothing?
By accident my little brother while hitch-hiked to another lake for his “count the frogs” project, he stopped a car that was going to a party..it was night when he arrived to the city and as my brother is a pathfinder and a wanderer by nature (I remember the old days, when every time my mother wouldn’t watch he’d run away just to look for something and I’d have to go and get him before she’d notice and start to worry) he’s quite brave and therefore didn’t mind when the driver offered to take him to a party nearby. The party was not like you’re used to know.. this was different one.. full of witches, mags and healers. When they laughed and asked to my brother was he afraid..he said – pff no, I’m used to people like you. And they had fun together. My brother knows how to live 🙂 The owner of the house.. Selga got to know my brother a little better and gave him telephone number. She’s a good woman and a great personality. She’s also very talented and powerful witch, studied in Tibet she heals people with special dishes and does a lot of other things too. And that would be the end of the story but..  As you know.. my grandfather is slowly dying, he already said his goodbyes to me, but I’m not going to tell my parents about it. So.. my grandmother is trying to do everything she can to save him. That’s love. They’ve been fighting with each other for more than 40 years.. last 20 years they’ve been arguing every single day.. there would not be a day when my grandmother didn’t shed a single tear. But they love each other and that’s been keeping them together. That’s why she does not want to leave it to the God to decide. Well.. the thing is..my brother gave her Selgas phone number, and when she called to ask her for help.. Selga already knew the problem, also through phone she told loads of things about us, that completely amazed my grandmoter. ; Because how can a complete stranger you’ve never seen tell so much about you? Some people are talented 🙂  And the best thing is.. Selga’s urging to meet me. She said she’d love to teach me. Also she said that the energy that lies withing my skin is too strong for me to hold on together without the practice and that’s the very reason my back is giving me hell. That means.. If I’ll learn how to control my energy.. I won’t be a dead meat anymore.. I won’t have to fight myself back all the time :))
I can’t wait to meet her.. to start to learn what’s there is to be acknowledged.
About my grandfather.. we do not know how long he’ll be able to live.. we hope for the best but expect the worse. I’m not going to risk my life to save his. My mother understood the risk and said it’s not going to happen.  We’ll just have to give all our best thoughts for him so he knows he’s not alone, so he stands up and fights for himself. He’s a tiger.. even though mainly Tigers are pussy.. they know how to fight when they have to.
Everything’s connected.



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