Te nonāk viss, kam vairs nav vietas Helsas galvā

He’s alive. For now. 🙂

I’ve got chocolate “a la pointe de fleur de sel” or in otherwords a bar of dark chocolate with sea salt.. and I don’t know how about you guys, but for me.. this is something pretty new 🙂 Thanks sister, thanks Inguna.
You might ask how the hell did I get it? Well.. I don’t really get it either. Today I woke up.. heard Matīss saying something like “Thanks mum” and I thought..pff that can’t be true, I must be sleeping. When I heard Ingunas’ reply I thought that I had a really awkward dream, so I turned on my laptop and wrote down something like “Am I sleeping?” no one could reply.. so I just laid in my bed thinking for how long could one person sleep and what the hell was going on anyway? You see.. No one told me that mother of my sister would be here. And for all that I knew.. she was supposed to be in Luxembourg with Austra. After a while I understood that I was not dreaming.. and I had to go to the bathroom. Well.. you see when in the morning I got to sleep I was too tired to take my Halloween make-up off (no pictures, sorry) so basically I looked like a panda.. and to go and meet the very person I respect a lot in such a shape of face.. damn..it was pretty shameful for me. Yeah.. and she brought me the chocolate 🙂 Yei! :))

I’ve got a new book to read.. I’m  sorry Mr. Bells but Stendhal is way better and therefore my priority will be to read his book entitled “The Red and the Black: A Chronicle of the 19th Century”. Yet you won’t find the subtitle on the cover. It’s astonishing historical psychological novel. Well.. you’ll read more about it in the silence section when I’ll be done with it. I promise. A real pirate promise!

And I was out with my neighbors today. We drank loads of mulled wine (well alright it was 1 bottle of wine and 1 l of juice, still.. for 3 girls it’s enough) and talked about having kids. Hell yeah.. that’s the conversations I love.

What else? Oh.. only the fact that Shay is superb friend I’m going to visit this Thursday! Hell yeah.. that’s going to be one great trip :))

Oh.. and today I feel pretty much like I was in my childhood.. sweet, innocent and vulnerable. I’ll smile the sincerest smile and cry genuine tears. It hurts a lot to have a heart like mine when I have to hide it under 100 masks to protect it.  This world is cold, and no one cares. I’ll try to keep it open as long as possible. But for now.. good night 🙂



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