Te nonāk viss, kam vairs nav vietas Helsas galvā

Family issues

How far can one go to save family? As my grandfather still is dancing on the rope of death.. my mother asked me could I go and heal him. Well.. the thing is.. I’m not really allowed to go in his room as he’s in really severe conditions.. only my grandmother and both of their daughters can visit him. Well.. maybe they’ll allow me to skip in since we’ve got some friends in the hospital. She wouldn’t ask me to cure my grandfather if there would be another chance.
It’s a huge risk though.. I’ve helped on little things.. pains, headaches, fever.. and even those little things troubled me afterwards a lot.. this is different.. if I’ll try to take his pains away.. he might just kill me with all that he’s suffering from..
I’ve never studied this healing.. it’s just something I do. The sad part is.. if I take it away.. I’m taking it with me.. and I don’t know how to release it afterwards. I know that I should do it. But I’m afraid. What if I’m not strong enough.. what if we both end up dead?
Well.. whatever. I’ll try!



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