Te nonāk viss, kam vairs nav vietas Helsas galvā

uuh.. it’s been a long time since I wasted this useless blog to post something about myself, but I have one excuse – I am sleeping. Really.. my everyday life is that boring. At about 7 am I wake up, cycle to my University which is 11km away.. then I try to study. After school I cycle back to do some wood work and then I go to sleep.

Right now I’ve managed to learn almost every name of every subject there is in this semester. Hell yeah.. also I’ve understood that I like exactly the same subjects that the rest of my group detests. Like The History of Economical Thought and Statistics.. for now are my most favorite subjects. None would ever understand why. I’ve found a really good helper though..she’s the leader of our group and she’s really nice in person too 🙂 She’s feeding me with apples and letting me to take her notes 🙂 That’s good enough. ‘Cause if she wouldn’t feed me.. I’d get anorexic again ’cause other than apple.. I do not eat, I’m too busy working, studying, spending my time on net or sleeping, to remember about food. Last week I bought a pencil-case just ’cause it looked cute.. but as I didn’t really know what to put in a pencil-case I stuffed it with a flashlight, batteries, a counter, some coins, a little peace sign, wine opener knife and thanks god I got this right – pen and pencil. Today Anete helped me to buy some real things for my pencil-case so it can serve it’s purpose and now I have loads of things I don’t even know how to use.. 😀 Also I got black sticky notes.. those are really cool 🙂 So much better than the regular yellow ones. Then.. I forgot to go to my class and instead cycled around the town for 2 hours and found a sport shop and a cute salesman Martins in it. I got new darts for my project.. so now I’ll have to get only the huge world map and my studies may begin.

Also… our Botassart youth exchange group wants to meet each other in Portugal in January. I’m really excited about it. I’ve even already talked to my Brazilian friend about classes I might take from him to learn Portuguese and Spanish. It really appears that it would cost only about 60 lats to go to Porto by plain or well.. in this case.. it’s 2 plains so I can afford it without a doubt. Ok, I might have some doubt ’cause.. I don’t really know if I’ll be in budget group next semester and will I succeed in my exams and.. will I miss my studies again. But have I ever cared about studies enough to not have fun instead of them? Even my motto (the one that’s not Love forever takes all fun away) says that You should never ever ever ever ever ever ever forget to have fun! ‘Cause that’s all there is in this life.. for me. I have to enjoy this while I’m young ’cause when I’ll be old I wont have time and health to enjoy anything.. if I’ll ever be old that is. And now I’m too sleepy to finish this post ’cause yesterday I went to sleep about 2 am in the morning ’cause I wanted to finally post my Botassart pictures on my draugiem.lv web, which is somewhat Latvian version of facebook. OK.. I’m sleepy. I’ll try to tell you more tomorrow.

oh, btw.. today there was a rugby game. Our team lost it. but the game was good and fair, so I’m happy I was there to see it anyway. Good night 😉



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