Te nonāk viss, kam vairs nav vietas Helsas galvā

Hey, dad, this one is for you

I know you’ll never read my blog.. just ’cause you don’t care.

But.. there are some things I would love to tell you..

And you know.. one day I’ll grow up to be just like you.

’cause even though we live 2 separate lives.. even though we never meet each other for more than 20 minutes… we share the same blood, and everything about us screams – they’re one family and their bounds are tight. The way we talk, walk and think. When you were at my age.. you couldn’t get out of the bed ’cause of your back sometimes.. hey.. if you only cared enough.. I could tell you.. I’m here..in the bed..barely holding on and loving you more than ever. I’m sorry to disappoint you about the science.. but I know you’ll understand.



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