Te nonāk viss, kam vairs nav vietas Helsas galvā

Nav spēka stāstīt.

[20:39:52] Ornath: Having fun?
[20:41:57] Helsa: huh? yeah
[20:42:07] Helsa: well.. I'm really sleepy actually
[20:42:11] Ornath: Naaaw *hugs*
[20:43:08] Helsa: I mean.. last time I slept was.. thursday I guess.. 'cause this weekend was full of events so while
 doing all the things I had to do during the day and then working at the night..
[20:43:43] Helsa: and I had to work 3 nights in a row
[20:43:58] Ornath: Oh damn :/
[20:49:37] Helsa: so basically.. I woke up at 7am thursday morning.. wnt to my lectures.. then had a bit of fun 
during the day time.. got to work.. had my regular 12hours shift.. came home.. had to drive my mother to work.. 
'cause she can't drive right now.. and well she missed her bus.. then had to deal with the polands' mafia and send 
them some money.. then when I finally got home.. my dogs were so active they bite my legs when I tried to sleep..
therefore I didn't.. and after 3hours had to go to the work again.. to work for another 12 hours straight.. 
then came home.. drove mother to the shop to buy some things for our yard like cherry trees.. also got me the bonsai
 tree I wanted.. then to another shop to get all the spices.. and when I finally got home? guess what? had one hour
 till my train to work.. so had a little dinner and off to another 12hours shift.. so this morning i was feeling 
more or less dead.. yet had to bath 2 puppies and then drive them to vet..so they could have their vitamins.. 
and afterwards I got here (Jelgavas apartment) and well.. you know the rest
[20:51:21] Ornath: Goddess. Go sleep.
[20:51:32] Ornath: Seriously, you need rest before you crash and burn
[20:51:41] Helsa: :D
[20:52:07] Helsa: what do you mean by crash and burn?
[20:52:57] Helsa: I don't want to miss your show :P I promised I'd listen to it
[20:53:50] Ornath: This is one promiss I can handle you breaking ;)
Would rather have you breaking that promiss and sleeping, other than you falling asleep infront of your computer, in
 the train or worse behind the wheel of your car :P
[20:56:31] Helsa: yeah.. well.. sleeping in train isn't too bad.. :) but falling asleep while driving the car is 
really dangerous.. have had moments like these.. I wake up just in time to understand that I have to turn the wheel..
 otherwise I'll be dead
[20:56:37] Helsa: quite creepy
[20:56:49] Ornath: O.o
[20:56:53] Ornath: Yeah, don't do that :P
[20:57:56] Helsa: but that happens if the road is really boring.. and there's no other car to annoy with speed 
driving or other fun things :D
[20:58:07] Ornath: I would prefer if my number one listener and favorite goddess of all time to stay alive.
[20:58:30] Helsa: I promise you.. I won't be driving a car till..till I get a proper sleep now :)
[20:59:03] Ornath: Thank you :)


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