Te nonāk viss, kam vairs nav vietas Helsas galvā

Black eyed deer

This post will be in English as my phone doesn’t support latvian letters. Right now I’m at work and bored as hell, so I might write a poem as well..

Through the forest and over the mountains
Black eyed deer with silver wings flies
There’s no trees no waterfall fountains
Disrupting the silence butterfly cries
Through the wind your last will remains
You wish you could live without your lies
Black eyed deer with black hearted pains
Why don’t you ever pull out those knives
Your scars are bleeding you’re going insane
Strings are broken and so are your vibes
All your thoughts and love are getting in vain
A solitary soul since you left your tribe
Seeking for stars, someone to chain
They said it won’t be easy to find the bride
But when a green light in skies bursts into rain
A tear drops into ocean, salty and wide
A quiet whisper tells you it’ll never be the same

So that’s about it.. have to get back to work and poison the Russians 😀



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