Te nonāk viss, kam vairs nav vietas Helsas galvā

Well this shit is hard to swallow.

Dear Anna,

I’m writing to tell you that it just came to my attention that you were mistakenly made an offer to study Economics at the University of Edinburgh last week.  Once we realised this, I contacted UCAS and they corrected the error so your application has now been made Unsuccessful.Please accept my apologies for this error.  Fortunately, this happens extremely rarely but I realise this is probably very little comfort to you.  Your application was not considered competitive because of your “C” in Mathematics.  In 2010 I received over 1300 applications for only 76 places and am looking at a similarly competitive applicant pool for 2011.  Again, I’m very sorry for the confusion caused by our mistake.

Sincerely yours,

Ms Lee Culp

Undergraduate Admissions Officer

College of Humanities & Social Science

University of Edinburgh


I mean c’mon.. viņi reāli mani veselu nedēļu turēja laimīgu. Tas ir tik shitty, ka es gribu izdarīt kaut ko nelāgu.

5 responses

  1. Lemurinjsh

    erm.. what arseholes!
    Bet nu gadaas…. tiesa.. hi hi.. diivaini vinji ir😀

    Marts 1, 2011 plkst. 15:40

    • Piedod, bet man tas nemaz nešķiet smieklīgi. Es ceru, ka esmu vienīgā, kura dabūja šādu ablomu, jo tas ir reāli sāpīgi.

      Marts 1, 2011 plkst. 20:35

      • man smiekliigi liekas cik debiili vinji speej buut… un vispaar… shodien to ko saku es var vispaar nenjemt pieree.. esmu galiigaa nogurumaa un acis kriit ciet, smadzenes nestraadaa un viss paareejais..

        Marts 1, 2011 plkst. 21:17

  2. Ej gulēt😉

    Marts 1, 2011 plkst. 21:22

    • nee. esmu tizla un bojaashu savas smadzenes liidz speeshu kaut ko uzziimeet..

      Marts 2, 2011 plkst. 00:53


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