Te nonāk viss, kam vairs nav vietas Helsas galvā

2007. gada 3. augusts

-mum mum can I kill my brother please?
-but mum.,.I really want to..
– I said it already – no!
-mum but please..I don’t have anything better to do
– oh come on you did it already yesterday
– but mum I have another one..and after all those are my brothers! why can’t I use them as I want to?!
-well..because it’s not money we’re talking about..and besides I don’t really like to clean up after you..
-ok mum! this time I’ll bury that brother all by myself I promise you! So can I please go and kill that goddamn brother after all?
– Don’t you dare to swear on my relatives!
– ok ok sorry mum..but can I?
– well..ok! if you can find a place to the body in the garden because it’s already full you know..
– thanks mum  that’s no problem for me!
– ok just leave me alone now! and have fun btw
– yeah bye mum.. I love you
-it’s not christmas yet!
– oh yeah right sorry mum..bye
– just leave..
– after a while-
oh those nowadays kids are driving me simply crazy – mum I want that and mum I want this- they’re always in need of something! As I wouldn’t have a plenty of problems without them..
-the interrupting phonecall from the police-
– mum? they got me..please help!
– wtf? Why should I? I’m not going to solve your problems..that’s your fault not mine anyway! if you’re too lazy to clean up..
– but mum I love you! why don’t you want to help me?
– it’s not christmas yet! I said it! So face it!
– yes mum..bye mum! 
– bye

Labi, ar to arī šodienai pietiks, nekad nevar zināt kad, man atkal uznāks vēlme rakāties savās 88 dienasgrāmatas lapās iekš draugiem.lv..šis ieraksts bija no 64. lapas 😉



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