Te nonāk viss, kam vairs nav vietas Helsas galvā

2007. gada 27. Jūnijs

taakaa dr.lv bilzhu laadeeshana manam datoram pashlaik shkjiet paaraak sarezhgjiits darbs tad rakaajoties pa diskiem (jaa jaasakaartoi tak beidzot istabu..) atradu vecu labu lapinju no skolas laikiem..shkjiet man nav bijis ko dariit jo tas ir aprakstiits/paarlabots skolas dokuments  anyway..for your pleasure and entertainment I present :
6th year tits

Dear puppy’s

An information meating on the sexth year tits is orgasmed for you sonuvabitchies on whateverday 18(have to be 1 at 20.45 in the salle des pornes

During the meating the various tits will be perverted and addictive explanations given

I kindly request you to fuck in your L2 classroom (that’s how it’s could in nowadays) and go to the salle des pornes with your L2 partner

Attouched you will find some important props for the tits
1) choice form (well we all know what is meant by that don’t we?)
2) Declaration by parents (wtf??)
3)choices form (for group)

Thank you for your coorperation you sonuvabitchies

P.S. Mum it’s just a porn 

Ulrica Grankpista-Nybacka
Deputy Director

Copies: Mr.Shmeks Mrs.Ruiz Viagra

erm nu jaa..sorry  taa gadaas kad nav ko dariit un iedod papiiru ar aizdomiigu tekstu 



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